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Built for select professionals who produce slides daily

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McKinsey, BCG and Bain alumni

You know why it makes sense to outsource your PowerPoint production but don't have access to a specialized provider anymore

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Management consultants and other fee earners

You prefer to build client relations instead of building slides

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Corporate soldiers

You work in strategy or BD and know that professional slides are a prerequisite for delivering change in your organization


PowerPoint software

PowerPoint Software

Inspiration slides, on-brand company library, consulting toolkit and much more.

PowerPoint service

PowerPoint Service

Get your slides fixed overnight median turnaround < 9 hours & 90% NPS score.

Slide management

Slide Management

Service aimed at adding, improving and maintaining your slide collection.


Tailor-made for current or former consultants

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Overnight turnaround

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2 layers of quality control

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Think-Cell is frequent

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Send pictures as input

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So is Excel input

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24 hour support on weekdays and 7-23 CET on weekends

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Open 365 days a year

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Consulting guidelines as default

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No daily, weekly or monthly limit of slides you can send

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Trained in your brand guidelines

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Working with graphs is second nature

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Recreation of graphs to editable data

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One line of instructions are usually enough

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Quick deadline confirmation (+95% of tasks start in less than 15 minutes)

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Working in your client's template is something we are used to

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Use project codes to keep an overview of cost across client projects

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Optional capacity booking for critical tasks


Confidentiality is a virtue

You won't find your logo here - or any logos that create social proof and entice you to buy our services. Our clients don't disclose whom they work for and neither do we

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Designers on our platform are trained in confidentiality and how to preserve it

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Introduction to any client related information requires signing strict nondisclosure agreements

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Designers on our platform have a verified PayPal account and use multi-factor authentication via Google

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Designers on our platform are paid well above their national market rates. We won't incentive to risking getting banned for any wrongdoing

Platform wide features


Manage your team

Invite colleagues, allocate roles, track usage, adjust access and much more


Security settings

Determine who should see what, when files should be deleted, who gets which access and much more


Manage guidelines

Create, manage and maintain design guidelines to ensure consistency across the organization


Define roles

Determine who should manage access, invite others, see spend, and manage library content


Customize account

Customize everything from project code requierements, spend visibility, service accecss and much more


Manage billing

Track spend, see and pay invoices, help finance reallocate costs to client projects etc.

You're in good hands

The experienced European team quality checks all your deliverables

Our team

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