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2019 Q4 Product Update

Dear reader,

First of all, I would like to wish you a great start of the new decade and expressing my thanks in gaining your much-appreciated attention.


Hereby yet another update on the product/tech platform development initiatives:


As you will see from the list below, the main focus during Q4 2019 has been on improving all the things that are less directly visible to our clients, but still plays an important role in making our service possible. All the things outlined aim to help improve the overall experience by strengthening our ability to deliver what on matters to our clients: turnaround speed, slide quality, ease of use, and transparency.


Upgraded infrastructure

As the demand for our services has grown 100%+ over the last 12 months the load on our servers, database, and general tech infrastructure has increased as well. As a result, we have recently conducted a general infrastructure upgrade: boosting the capacity of our database, added more servers and upgraded a list of external elements to support the growth.


Hopefully, you will experience a slight improvement in the load speed of your experience (after being logged in).


Posting tasks made smarter

Whenever we receive a task from a client, a project manager reviews it, determines the total workload, sets the deadline and adds relevant further descriptions or reference files – we call this process "posting tasks".


Recently we released a large update of our delivery platform related to how project managers handle this process. As a result, deadline estimates, scoping of task size, description writing, etc have been made a lot more efficient – aiming to increase efficiency and standardize the experience further across tasks.


Better "automated" emails

Whenever a project manager "posts" (see above) or returns a task to a client the system automatically generates an email.

Between Christmas and New Year, we pushed an update that enhances these emails in two ways:

·   Project managers are given more freedom to add relevant commentary e.g. assumptions about the type of work, template choice, etc.

·   The default, automated content has been made more extensive and more customized to specific task and client


Introduction of WIP (work in progress) deadlines

For certain large tasks, we often share early versions of the work with the relevant client to allow for feedback to be incorporated into the final version of the task.


To make the process for dealing with such WIP deadlines work more smoothly, we have added a list of adjustments to the delivery platform – including as part of the emails mentioned above.


For now, we have not added it as an explicit field on the "send task" part of the platform, but feel free to request a WIP version as part of the description if needed.


More to come

We have recently hired two more developers – increasing the size of our small team by 100%. As a result, we plan on pushing a range of new exciting updates throughout 2020  - so stay tuned.



Anders Thomsen
Published by Anders Thomsen

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