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2020 H2 Product Update

Dear reader, 

I hope you, your family, and your business are doing well and have made it through 2020 in decent shape. 

Below are some selected client-facing product highlights for H2 2020

Introducing roles

We have introduced "roles" to the platform. Each user of a given company can now take any, or a combination, of the following roles:

Manager: A person that has full access to all features on the platform except for deleting the account or deleting the account owner.

Gatekeeper: A person, typical from design/communication, that has access to managing the guidelines and slide library of the account, but who does not have access to managing users, billing, etc.

Accountant: A person who has access to invoicing and billing, but not to managing users or guidelines.

The roles can be allocated via the "users" tab on the platform by clicking on a given user and then adjusting their roles:

Platform UI and UX improvements

To support the user functionality and to align our platform with the brand in general, we have spent some time updating the user experience and the user interface. 

These changes apply to both existing clients and to new clients that are signing up for the first time.

Automated credit refills

To support the many of our clients that use our offering via a credit-based price agreement we have added "automated credit refills. This feature allows companies to avoid running out of credits and having to coordinate additional credit purchase: 

Other updates

In addition to client-facing features we have made a list of improvements to all the non-client-facing functionality including server setup, code refactors, UI and UX improvements for designers and project managers on the service platform.

As always we strongly appreciate your feedback and support.

best regards, 

The NoMore team

Anders Thomsen
Published by Anders Thomsen

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