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2022 Roadmap and 2021 in review

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First of all - thanks a ton for your time reading this (I know it is in short supply).

With this post, I want to do two things:

1. Summarize the product milestones for 2021

2. Share our overall product roadmap for 2022

2021 in review: Beyond basics

We launched the PowerPoint software late in 2020 with the ambition to share some of the tools and best practices we have been using to execute more than 60.000 PowerPoint tasks since 2016. To be agile, and get something out of the door, the first version was relatively minimal and had only a few core features. As a result, 2021 has been driven by user feedback to build as many value-adding features as possible.

To give you a sense of how far we have come, here is a summary of some of the most loved features introduced in 202:

Automated color adjustments

This feature allows you to pre-define how inspiration slides' colors look when inserted into your presentation. It also enables automatic font adjustment


With the introduction of teams, company slides can be made available and managed by specific teams within your organization.


In addition to adding more than 1000+ new inspiration slides, all slides were converted to work in widescreen (16:9) format as well as the standard format


Finding and inserting flags was added

Personal slide vault v1

Each member of a team can now update and manage their own personal slide library

Search boost

The search experience was tweaked several times, and now automatically suggest results across the different available tools


Beyond slides: Company icons

The ability to manage and access company icons like slides with categories, subcategories, and tags were added late in the year


The ability to brand the end-user experience to include company icons and name were added

2022: Influence the roadmap

In 2022 we aim to add new features while improving existing features. While the detailed roadmap is not set in stone, we plan to make investments according to the themes below - if you think we are missing something or believe we should prioritize differently, please let us know:

Expanding the search experience to company-images

- Similar to the company icons, we want to enable companies to manage their pictures in the same consistent experience as you know for the slide library

Substantially improve contribution experience

- Make it faster to contribute slides

- Make it easier to manage slide contribution

- Track slide contributions and provide transparency on who contributes

Library management boost

- Better support for presentation updates

- Integrate service more easily

- Make slide order easy to update

- Enable one-click adding of slides (or contributions)

- Improved notifications on slide updates

- Make it faster and easier to update existing slides directly from PowerPoint

Finetune and improve existing end-user features

- Tweak end-user browsing experience

- Provide more advanced search options

- Build more inspiration slides for tags that currently don't have any matches

- Enhance speed across experience

- Explore the potential for a fully browser-based version

Personal slide vault 2.0

- Auto integrate service tasks into the personal slides

- Enable relevant peers to explore other people's vaults (depending on settings)

- Enable “one-click” adding slides

Inspiration slides v2

- Enable creating slides directly from text input by leveraging the existing inspiration slides

Thanks for reading

Rune Johansen
Published by Rune Johansen

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