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Product update November 2021


Your PowerPoint add-in is upgraded with new features!

I have made a short video (less than 5min) that shows how you can use these new features: https://vimeo.com/651142398

What are the new features and how they can help you

  • 00:10 Better search results in the inspiration slides - You will find company results in the inspiration library to help you use on-brand client-ready slides
  • 00:32 More search results: You will get icons, images, and illustrations search results if there are no slides for a given search term
  • 01:45 Update multiple slides individually (admin feature): If you select multiple slides and want to update categories and tags on an individual level (one-by-one) you can do so now
  • 02:24 Add visual slide stickers (admin feature): Add a visual sticker/label on top of your slides so your team can easily distinguish between similar slides
  • 02:59 Better Zoom effect: Build teams and restrict access to slides based team membership
  • 03:23 Block individual slides in the inspiration library (admin feature): Block slides that should not be visible to your team

Let me know if you want me to help you with any of the above.



CCO, SlideHub

Rune Johansen
Published by Rune Johansen

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