Product update October 2021


We have added flags, widescreen inspiration slides, icon coloring, and more to your PowerPoint add-in that will help you build better presentations, faster!

I have made a short video that shows how you can use these new features:

What are the features are and how they can help you?

  • 00:06 Searchable flags - Click "Insert icons & flags" -> "Flag icons" and search for a country. Click add
  • 01:09 Widescreen inspiration slides: Toggle between inspiration slides in 4:3 format and 16:9. This saves you time because you don't have to do as many manual adjustments
  • 02:50 Automatic icon colors: Chose a color that will be applied to all future icon downloads
  • 03:29 Recent images: View your recently downloaded images so you don't have to scroll through a lot of images to find a favorite again
  • 04:09 Branding: Add your company logo to the add-in as a PNG file instead of SVG. This means you can just grab the logo from your LinkedIn company page

Let me know if you want me to help you with any of the above or have input for future features you would like to see.



CCO, SlideHub

Rune Johansen
Published by Rune Johansen

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