Q2 2019 Product / Service update

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As a new initiative, aimed at being more transparent about what we're up to at no-more, we've decided to share quarterly updates about new product features, changes to our service, and general business updates. Changes that hopefully should result in a better service for you.

Changes you can see (front-end)

Determine task name manually & limit emails

When sending requests via the platform you are now able to determine the title of the task before clicking the confirmation button:

This new feature helps you because:

1) The recipients - especially your colleagues who are CC on the project -  will have a subject line that reflects the chosen title and project 

2) It will help you with a better overview in case you need to go back and find old tasks again

The new interface also allows you to disable the automated confirmation email and thereby reducing the pressure on your inbox.

Over the last 3 months we have mainly focused on “behind the screen features or back-end”, but we have a long list of client related features in the backlog.

Changes you can’t see but feel (back-end)

Eliminating content mistakes 

Ensuring that our clients’ content (text) is unchanged before returning the final output is crucial. Ensuring that our designers don’t change this content by mistake can be difficult on large urgent tasks. Unfortunately, we have failed to maintain the content in a few cases in the past - and we know that is a critical issue. Thus, to avoid such mistakes going forward, we have developed and coded a tool that analyzes and compare the text of the input and output file to highlight potential changes as demonstrated below:

After being live for only 3 weeks this “content checker”, the application has already made a positive impact and won many appraisals from the project manager team and we have not received any inquires related to content issues.

More project managers

Over the last 3 months we have hired, trained and added 6 project managers to our team to help deliver the growing number of tasks.

The new members of our team are: Daurte, Sara, Miguel, Auguste, Rebecca Catia.

NPS traction

We are in general very obsessed with the ratings our client leaves us after a completed project. Thus, we are happy to share the recent development in NPS score over the last 12 months has increased to new heights:

That is all for now. In case you have comments, ideas, questions or anything else feel free to write me directly at [email protected]

Best regards


Anders Thomsen
Published by Anders Thomsen

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