Q3 2019 Product/Service update

Dear reader,

The following presents our 2nd Product/Service update. After receiving good feedback on the last update, we have decided to keep going with these updates.

The following presents some of the changes that has been implemented over the last 3 months

 – mainly focusing changes to the customer facing part of our service platform.

Changes you can see

New easier way to sign into your account: Magic links

We want to make it simpler and even more secure to access the platform. Many of our clients use a long list of different logins, passwords, etc. To support this, we have added the option of “logging in” via email also known as login via a “magic link”. 

To use this option, type in your email in the form above. Within a few seconds you will get an email containing a “magic” link. You can login using this option here: 

Payment system upgrade

A new European Payment regulation was rolled out during Q3 2019 which impact how we charge clients via credit cards. In additional to being compliant with the regulation, we used this opportunity to add additional functionality to the payment interface:

  • It’s now easier to pay the invoice directly via the system (fewer steps)
  • You now receive automatic reminders for non-paid invoices
  • Fewer clients will experience that their credit cards get rejected by their banks (thanks to the new regulation and the option for using 2-way authentication) 

Upgrade task overview: Easier to find old tasks

Most of our clients use our service multiple times per month (or days for certain clients). The number of tasks in their “task overview” can quickly become overwhelming. To make it easier to find previous tasks, we have added options to filter and search for completed projects. 

For the managers of given organization, the option to filter by “who send the task” has further been added.

Default project ids: Track spend based on projects

Numerous of our clients allocate the costs associated with our services to internal projects or client projects. To accommodate this way of working, we have rolled out the ability to use reference codes so clients can see what the cost of PowerPoint support is for a given client project.

As a new addition, clients can decide to have a “default project id”, which will be used for all tasks created by that user. This ensures that consultants always can get projects started – even if they are uncertain of the project id for the project they are working on.

Typical use-cases:

  • A user is associated with a specific cost center code in the organization and want all tasks associated with that code
  • A user is working on the same project code for extended periods of time and don’t want to keep sending the code for each task
  • A user has a personal accounting code that must be used unless other codes are provided

Updated onboarding experience for new companies

The onboarded process is simpler for new companies. The purpose is to make it simpler while making sure we ask all the relevant questions to give new customers a good start. 

Things you don´t see (delivery platform related)

The focus of Q3 has been to optimize the working experience for the designers on our platform. This included a long list of smaller and larger initiatives related to both UX and UI, and building out additional looks.

Anders Thomsen
Published by Anders Thomsen

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