Business Support for the Financial Sector

M&A, corporate finance, private equity and venture capital; we have many names for the things we love.

no-more assists corporate finance clients at various stages of the M&A process, including support with pitch decks, IM, teasers and even due diligence research on the non-confidential aspects.

If you don’t understand what all this means, keep reading; you’re about to learn how an industry that is notorious for carrying out cost-benefit analysis is using no-more to add value to their service and enabling their junior consultants to do more with less.

Why corporate finance?

If you work in the financial sector, you should know that early adopters are already using no-more to handle intensive workloads and create new insights via bottom-up analysis, ensuring flawlessness in their pitch decks and generally providing on-demand support during peak periods.   

In the simplest possible terms, M&A, corporate finance, private equity and venture capital essentially all come down to buying and selling companies.

But buying or selling a company is a complex matter that requires know-how, people skills, reputation and the ability to craft flawless, thorough analysis that looks better than the competition’s; dressing to impress during the pitching process increases the probability of earning the mandate.

Saving time

Not only does no-more help clients find the information that makes the difference between analysis that is good and analysis that really stands out, our global network of specialists also make sure the information is beautifully presented, so you don’t have to. Researching the complete brand spread within the German market is extremely time-consuming, but it might just win you the mandate. By providing this type of service for a low cost and with a fast turnaround time, no-more is enabling more corporate finance companies to improve their offering, without extending their employees’ working hours.

We do the grunt work

At the end of the day, there is a reason that you do what you do. That reason, we’re willing to wager, is not aligning PowerPoint slides or conducting bottom-up research for the pitchdeck. Those are the aspects of the job that you do because it’s part of the package. You have to take the rough with the smooth, right? It's the nature of the beast…

Not necessarily…

When it comes to presenting, handling clients and doing the complex analyses, there’s no substitute for you. You graduated top of your class, acing all the exams before the real test began. It's you who's responsible for the success of the pitch.

Think of no-more as the junior analysts on demand, sitting in the back office, content in the shadows and enabling you to deliver above expectations, giving you a competitive advantage.

And after all, isn’t that what being in finance is all about?

Rune Holst Johansen
Published by Rune Holst Johansen

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