How to make the business PowerPoint presentation more interesting

Are you one of the professionals who need to visualize and communicate numbers and ideas with a specific audience? And you are still wandering what distinguish the mediocre presentation from the one that is driving the message directly home?

Then let us introduce you to some crucial strategies and principles in building business PowerPoint presentations. We asked the PowerPoint specialists in our company to suggest some tips on creating an effective presentation in PowerPoint that captures the interest of the audience.

Of course, we should notice that one can always find a huge variety of professional PowerPoint presentation templates online that can be downloaded for free but then the presenter’s identity or brand cannot be conveyed in a unique manner.

Interest is about attention of the audience

A PowerPoint presentation can be called interesting if it manages to catch and hold on to the attention of the target audience. How that is done, is dependent on the context where the presentation is to be used.

You can find online a huge variety of PowerPoint principles, guides and ideas of how to design your presentation but make sure your choice would be aligned with your message and public.

Retain the attention with uniqueness of the PowerPoint slides

To begin with, the attention of the audience can be captured by making each slide unique. This involves experimenting with colours, font size, font types and even using illustrations instead of standalone bullet points. However, exercise caution while using font types as all font types might not be relevant in the setting. For example, 

a Comic Sans font is an absolute no-no in a business setting.

One message per slide

The next important thing is to ensure the focus is on the most important message to be conveyed in the slide. This can be managed by having one message per slide. If there are multiple points out of which one or more need to be highlighted, then judicious use of colours, font size and pictures abet the process of making the most important message prominent.

Consistency goes hand in hand with quality

Lastly, care has to be taken in ensuring consistency in quality. This could be with reference to alignment of elements or font types and sizes or even the usage of colours. A simple spell check can go a long way in making the right impression. 

Lack of consistency tends to give the impression of messy work 

Especially for the professional or business PowerPoint presentations, the consistency sustained throughout the slides should be one of the stepping stones of the presenter. Imagine what would be the outcomes if the slides of a business proposal or business development presentation are not coherent. This would underplay the importance of the message or creating ambiguity. It also attracts easy but unwanted negative attention.

Arundhathi Ganapathy
Published by Arundhathi Ganapathy

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