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NoMore is now SlideHub

Why are we changing our name? We are not only a PowerPoint service anymore. We also offer a PowerPoint add-in that helps our customers: 

>Store and find on-brand company slides

>Insert adjustable inspiration slides 

>Build slides with icons, images, and illustrations 

>Send tasks for design 

If you are interested you can view a short intro here: 


or a deep-dive: https://vimeo.com/556122420

We believe the SlideHub name encapsulates this offering of software and service - a hub where you can build better slides, faster. 


What does it mean to you?

Nothing. All legality, NDAs, processes, etc. are still valid and the same. You can send tasks as you have done in the past - [email protected] It will still work in months to come. 

The only main difference is that you can purchase our add-in and that we have a new company and domain name. 


When will this take place?

It took place on Friday 18/6-2021 at 12 CET.

Rune Johansen
Published by Rune Johansen

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