PowerPoint outsourcing for marketing professionals

Working in marketing is mostly great fun but there undoubtedly can be times when it feels like a thankless task. Of course, with every job, there are some elements you love and some not so much. But you’ve just got to get on with it, right?

Not necessarily.

Many marketing professionals are now making use of PowerPoint outsourcing on demand to take care of some of the tasks that in-house teams are either unable or reluctant to do.

Think about it this way: how many graphic designers have you encountered who love working in PowerPoint? Probably not a lot; they almost exclusively prefer to work in more advanced software. This is fine when it comes to website design and more high end production, but what about when you’re asked to create a beautiful ebook (a B2B marketing tool which is becoming more and more popular) in a short space of time with a limited budget?

Conventional design wisdom says a task like that should be done using Adobe’s in-design. 

In truth, you can do it with a PowerPoint Specialist, but you’re unlikely to find one in your organization whose PowerPoint abilities extend beyond basic presentation design.

PowerPoint outsourcing allows you to create something that looks amazing for a fraction of the cost. This enables your graphic designers to spend their time on the tasks they do best – creative concept development and visual storytelling. Working on no-more’s talent platform is a global network of PowerPoint designers, in every time zone, ready to accept your job and – in most cases – have it back to you the same day.

The in-house team in Copenhagen handles all requests, from scoping the project to quality checking it before returning it to the client, so you can get on with something more important.

Whether you work in a marketing agency with multiple clients, or in the marketing department at a big  corporation, the quality of anything that leaves the house is on your shoulders. When you have a tight deadline, that can often mean late nights, early mornings and a whole lot of coffee.

Wouldn’t your life be so much easier if you were able to send some of that work to a PowerPoint specialist, with no worries about the quality of the output, no need to ask your design team to work in a program they hate using and no need to pay designers’ rates? It might just keep your creatives happy. 

Emily Bolton
Published by Emily Bolton

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