Operational Excellence

Product update 2 Q2


We have improved your PowerPoint add-in with new functionality that will help you build better presentations, faster!

I have made a short video that shows how you can use these new features: https://vimeo.com/609664162

What are the features are and how they can help you?

  • 00:10 Better navigation - Easier to access icons, illustrations, images without going through the toolkit as well as new shortcuts
  • 00:32 Inspiration colors: Use automatic coloring on the inspiration slides to avoid recoloring elements (everybody can use this but only managers can set it up)
  • 02:39 SVG illustrations: Ungroup (Ctrl+shift+g) illustrations to customize and recolor the elements
  • 03:30 Ratings: Rate slides to help determine what should be created in the future (both inspiration and company library
  • 04:10 Teams: Build teams and restrict access to slides based team membership
  • 04:55 Branding: Add your company logo to the add-in 

Hope you find it interesting

Rune Johansen
Published by Rune Johansen

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