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Spring 2020 Product Update

Dear reader,

First, we hope that you and your families, business relations etc. are safe and well during these uncertain times.

A few words on COVID19

Like many other businesses we at NoMore are also seeing the implications of COVID19 and a resulting reduction in demand. Luckily, most of our clients are still going strong and keep sending tasks our way – some are even seeing growth. Thus, the implications for us has been relative limited compared to many other businesses.

From a product perspective, one implication of COVID19 is that our focus has shifted from mainly being supply focused to being more focused on increasing customer demand.

Client facing changes

Introducing styles

As many of our consulting clients work across multiples templates and design styles (to integrate with their clients) we have introduced the concept of “template / styles”.

The “template / style” allows clients to select a specific organization style when sending their tasks:

Each style is associated with a set of inspiration files, notes and checklist items that are shared with the designers to help ensure consistency across tasks conducted in a given style:

The introduction is associated with a larger release of how we work with each client’s guidelines and inspiration material are managed and used behind the scenes.

Among the changes we have decided to allocate a project manager to each of our clients. The dedicated project manager is responsible for maintaining the guidelines and inspiration based on client feedback.

Smarter emails

In order to help new and existing customers to increase the value they gain from using our service, we have changed the way in which our marketing and customer success teams can write and distribute emails.

Instead of replying on an internally build system we have migrated to Customer.io, which provide a lot more flexibility and allows the customer facing teams to optimize this important interaction without relying on the developer team.

As a result, the teams have developed and updated a long range of emails that will be sent over the coming months.


Behind the scene changes

Massive refactor

As our code base has officially turned 4 years in Q1, we decided it was time for a relatively large code refactor effort.

As a result, we have been able to simplify a lot of our core code and created the base for a faster and more stable development circle in the future.

Better client administration

To make life simpler for our project managers and customer success team, the interface used for managing each account has been substantially updated. However, this will reduce potential confusion that occasionally occurred among newer members of our team.

Looking ahead

As mentioned above, with the combination of a more stable code base and increased focus on client features we expect the Q2 update to include a few quite interesting features that we very much look forward to presenting here.

Until then, stay safe.



Anders Haugbølle Thomsen
Published by Anders Haugbølle Thomsen

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