The secret to delivering quality ebooks without breaking the bank

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With lead generation as the top goal for content marketing, ebooks are an essential part of any successful inbound marketing program

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Nowadays, inbound marketing is a must-have tool for any B2B company to draw visitors, gain leads and generate sales. But as our feeds becomes more and more saturated with content, standing out from the crowd is no small feat. Luckily, there is a great way to make yourself heard above all the noise: creating free, informative ebooks for potential customers to enjoy. And here at no-more, we provide ebook templates at a rate as low as $16 per hour.

Offering free ebooks is an invaluable way to establish trust, stimulate other marketing channels, and actively engage leads. As a result, many marketing strategists have turned to this medium to attract an audience. You might think effective, worthwhile ebooks require a lot of effort, time and resources, right? Not necessarily. In fact, no-more charges up to 90% less than many of the freelance designers out there.

Doing the Math 

Let’s get a closer look at the numbers today:

  • In a survey of over 3,700 marketers, nearly half (45%) said that original written content was their most important content
  • Nearly one third (28%) of the average B2B marketing budget is spent on content marketing
  • Legitimate content marketing, which includes creating ebooks, can cost companies $2,000 - $50,000 per month. And with 75% of marketers funneling more money into content marketing, this number is growing.

There’s no denying that producing quality ebooks can get pretty expensive. If you’re not writing the ebook yourself, you’ll need to hire a freelance writer who knows really his stuff, which amounts to an upwards of $75 per hour.

But what will really burn a hole in your pocket is designing and formatting the layout of the ebook. Spicing up your content with a graphic designer can easily cost up to $150 per hour. Admittedly, there is some justification for why this part gets so pricey. Your ebook may contain the best, educational text in the world, but if it’s stale, readers will yawn and click away. Might as well fling all your hard work into a black hole.

So how can you elevate your ebook without emptying the wallet?

The Solution

No-more provides stylish, minimalist ebook designs at an affordable rate. No-more going over the marketing budget with expensive design and numerous iterations.

Adrienne Lee
Published by Adrienne Lee

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