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Product update - Summer 2020

Dear reader,

I hope you and yours are doing well everything considered in these uncertain times.


From a product perspective Q2 have been focused on improving client related features and the overall client experience. While we are still working on some relatively large new initiatives (some of which are currently being beta tested by some of you), we have managed to release several new initiatives as listed below:

Capacity booking

Until now, we have been proud of the fact that clients do not need to book capacity, but still have been given record fast turnarounds at no extra cost. However, it does happen that we need to push client requested deadlines as our capacity is provided on a first come first served basis. To support our clients with their predictable, but urgent deadlines we are now providing the opportunity for booking capacity. The most typical cases we have seen so far are:

-         Clients book overnight capacity for 30-40 slides brush-up to get guaranteed support each night on busy weeks with high frequency of client meetings

-         Clients book overnight capacity to convert 15 pages of workshop notes to enable sharing results the following morning

-         Clients book capacity to visual enhance larger presentations before important client meeting or pitch

You can read more the details of booking capacity here:  https://help.nomorehours.com/en-us/article/pre-booking-design-capacity-1y5tuus/

Knowledge center

To help existing and new clients gain the most value from our services we have built a new knowledge center that covers multiple frequently occurred client topics:

-         How to get started

-         Using the service

-         Onboarding others

-         Use cases (videos)

-         Pricing and billing

-         and more

You can access the knowledge center here: https://help.nomorehours.com

New onboarding emails

In order to help new clients, get a gradual introduction to the service and how to use it most efficiently, we have created a series of email that gets send to new users on a bi-weekly basis.

The emails cover many of the topics also found in the knowledge center such as:

-         Opening hours

-         Turnaround time expectations

-         Typical uses cases

If you do want such emails you can always turn them off again by unsubscribing or selecting the newsletter option on your profile on the platform.


Additional client settings

In order to increase the ability to customize each client´s experience with our service, we have optimized the current interface and added a few new settings that can help optimize the experience further.

These settings are only available to the account manager.

New settings interface

The new “settings” interface is now visible from the left side menu:

The view contains 6 or 7 tabs (a “credit” tab is added for clients on a credit-based pricing model) with each tab containing several account options.

If you are not the manage of the organization, the number of settings is much reduced.

Credit repurchase settings

For organizations on a credit-based pricing model, we have added the option to determine the process for how new credits should be added to the account.

Each organization can select one of the following 3 settings:

1.      Automatic refilled

a.      Credits are refilled once below a customized lower minimum

b.      For now, credits are added each morning – but if the lack of credits are preventing new tasks a project manager will add new credits

2.      Member acceptance

a.      When faced with a low number of credits, new credits can be added if a member of the organization confirms the purchase in writing to any of the project managers

3.      Owner acceptance only

a.      With this option, only the organization owner can approve the purchase of new credits


Default option approach

When creating slides for clients, we often create options for selected slides. We do this for multiple different reasons:

-         limit the need for irritations: Despite detailed guidelines, sometimes there can be different ways to interpret certain instructions. By using options, we increase the odds of being right and thus limiting irritations.

-         Provide more creative takes: For visual enhancement work our designers often have multiple ideas for making slides more creative. As preferences can be subjective, we might share multiple options to select from.

The majority of our clients much appreciate such options, while others only want us to apply options when explicitly asked (in order increase turnaround and lower usage). To ensure a consistent approach for each client organization, and to help us estimate the required time for each task, we have implemented a structured approach to capturing these preferences as illustrated below:

By default, our approach reflects the “visual enhance” option in which we limit options to visual enhancement work.


Spend transparency

How each organization handle the financials of using a service like ours differs very substantially across organizations. Some organizations stress that their members should closely track the usage, while others don’t want to use their members time and focus on monitoring such costs. To most of our clients our rates at no-more are substantially lower than what they charge to their clients – so instead the decision makers want employees to focus on charging more hours .

When I worked at McKinsey, only senior project leaders and partners were given insights into the economics of each project and as an associate I was told to use the internal PowerPoint service as much as possible to leave room for problem solving and client meetings (and a bit of sleep).

The new setting feature allows the organization manager to determine how much each member should be shown:



Anders Haugbølle Thomsen
Published by Anders Haugbølle Thomsen

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