Crescendo Partners boosts creativity

The company
We help private equity firms sell their portfolio companies for higher prices by creating management presentations that make buyers fall in love with the business and its management team.

Their management presentations don’t just communicate facts, but tell the story of the business, focusing on key messages which are relevant for potential buyers.
the situation
Crescendo Partners supports private equity firms and investment banks, working on 15-20 IPOs and M&A transactions all over Europe each year, creating management presentations and related visual materials.
the challenge
As the company grows and expands the team, it needs to professionalize its slide library as well. More and more time is wasted on going manually through the 10,000+ slides from past presentations, searching for that one slide that is needed for a new project. Crescendo Partners needs to develop a library of slides from the different presentations created in the past that can serve as inspiration for future projects.
the solution
Crescendo Partners looked at all commercially available slide management solutions in the market and selected SlideHub, which meets all their needs. The company massive library of slides is now securely hosted in the cloud, accessible to all consulting and graphic professionals within the firm.

All slides are accurately categorized and tagged and can be retrieved in seconds, giving the firm’s storytelling professionals the inspiration to try out different slide concepts to illustrate the particular point they need to make. Graphic professionals also use it to explore different slide design options, boosting their creativity.
SlideHub was a game-changer for our productivity. Instead of wasting time browsing through our past presentations, we have all the slides we need at the click of a button.

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