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Go to our Inspiration section and discover a world of creativity. Download slides, edit elements and excite your audience. A simple plug-n-play solution for the unconventional creatives and the conservative banker. With add-in elements from our PowerPoint app, you’ll be sure to hone in on your message, and your presentation will be more effective than ever. A quality presentation demands exceptional visuals. Strengthen your narrative with slides that will perfectly complement your content. By breathing life into your slides, win over clients and impress your audience. Integrate our PowerPoint app now, and you’ll soon see the difference.

30 million slides are produced every day -Microsoft

The only PowerPoint app you will ever need

Presentation software comes in many forms. A Google search will pull up more options than you can ever possibly test out for yourself – so don’t.

The SlideHub PowerPoint app is easy to use and it will enable you to deliver unforgettable presentations. Forget about toggling back and forth among multiple PowerPoint platforms. The SlideHub app provides an expansive collection of slides, all for your choosing. Looking for something specific? Just head to the top of the page and use our search bar. Collaborating with others? Create a team and add members, and you’ll be able to share slides. Our PowerPoint app has everything you wish for.

What good is a presentation app if you can’t find what you are looking for?

We have what you need. Immerse yourself in our giant, comprehensive PowerPoint library. The no- more presentation app has a variety of slides guaranteed to suit your needs.

If it turns out you can’t find what you’re looking for or have a suggestion for a slide, the process is equally easy. Send us a short description of what you want. Soon, the SlideHub team will add your slide straight to the library. Imagine a whole world of PowerPoint slides at your disposal. The SlideHub presentation app will make that image a reality.

Get inspired with SlideHub’s PowerPoint app

Our plugin is the ultimate resource for innovative PowerPoint inspiration. The SlideHub PowerPoint app is filled with countless invigorating slides – all ready for you to download.

Moreover, we embrace a diverse range of style when it comes to our slides. SlideHub’s extensive slide collection has something for everyone, no matter your taste. Whether you prefer a more minimalist design or a bold and confident look, our PowerPoint app takes into account all kinds of aesthetics.

Expand your artistic vision and browse through SlideHub’s slideshop. You’ll never have to run into a visual design block ever again.

Everything in the PowerPoint app is 100% editable

The SlideHub presentation software allows the utmost customization when it comes to editing the slides.

Let’s say you’ve downloaded a great slide, but the colors do not fit your color scheme. Luckily, PowerPoint will fix it automatically when you paste it into your presentation. You can also change the colors manually for extra creative control. Just click the pictures on the right. Yes, they’re made in PowerPoint and you can download them in the app.

And if you wish to add or remove an element, readjustment is super simple. Elements from other slides will seamlessly transfer just by copying and pasting,
and deleting will remove any unwanted elements. Resize elements with Ctrl + G to group them together, and modify them to your liking.

The PowerPoint plugin resolves your prayers

You don’t need to create anything from the ground up. Type in your query and our search engine will find what you need in an instant.

Once the results pop up, find your favorites and add them to your basket. Each slide shows the number of “Views” and “Likes/Dislikes,” so you can easily see which are the most popular. Additionally, when you view a slide, related slides will show up as well, so looking for more inspiration is easier than ever.

What more can you want from a PowerPoint add-in?

Presentation software, PowerPoint app, Presentation app - success has many fathers

It’s not the software, but your output that matters. You don’t have to be a graphic designer with fancy programs to make the end result of a PowerPoint presentation memorable. With the SlideHub app, you will be turned into a visual wizard, a creative genius.

Access to our professional slides will automatically give you a leg up on everyone else. Introduce the app to your life right now, and immediately unleash thousands of slides at your fingertips.

One stop slideshop

You buy by the slide. This ensures you don’t end up with a potentially unusable template because your company’scorporate visual identity won't allow it. Additionally, by purchasing by the slide, you won’t have pay for and be stuck with extra slides that are of no use to you.

SlideHub also offers a request services with the PowerPoint slideshop. If you want to free up even more time, use your favorite slides as inspiration, provide a description for what you would like us to do and upload additional files (like the draft PowerPoint presentation) if you’d like. Then, let us know if there’s a specific deadline and budget.

Payment is a quick and easy process. Furthermore, the team feature on our platform allows a flexible payment plan – you don’t have to worry about dealing with any complications later. For both the request service and inspiration downloads, you can choose to pay either individually or by the team.

A plug-n-play app with new slides every day

We tend to say our presentation app is so easy and straightforward a child could use it. Our user-friendly interface and intuitive features will make you forget about those painful hours of struggling with PowerPoint.

Then, factor in the fact that we add new slides every day. With this volume of material, you’ll always come upon something exciting and new. Days of using antiquated, unoriginal elements will be long gone.

SlideHub wasting time fiddling with PowerPoint, and SlideHub wondering which presentation software’s the best for you.

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