Get designer slides to fit your PowerPoint template

Why you need a PowerPoint template

You want to present a recognizable, professional, and unified company. Essentially, that’s what great branding is all about, regardless of your industry.

PowerPoint templates streamline the whole presentation-creating process. If you add too many opinions into the equation, you introduce subjectivity and clashing perspectives. The result? Inconsistent branding and an incoherent mess of slides.

By using a PowerPoint template, you’ll provide a cohesive narrative that will accurately represent your company. Instead of feeling like the company identity is a disjointed jumble of 30 different viewpoints from 30 different employees, your audience will immediately get the impression of a unified organization. And that’s exactly what you’re aiming for.

A good PowerPoint template also makes it easy for your employees to focus on the content while the visuals take care of themselves. You do not want your knowledge workers to spend an unnecessary amount of time creating visuals that end up violating the corporate visual identity.

Most people don't like spending hours in PowerPoint; they prefer a plug-and-play template solution that placing their content at the center point of attention.

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powerpoint slide with rocket starting from earth chemistry different layers as a symbol for the diversity of powerpoint templates available awesome powerpoint slide with charts

How to spice up your PowerPoint template

Think of a typical PowerPoint presentation. What comes to mind? We’re guessing that “innovative,” “refreshing,” and “memorable” aren’t exactly the first words that popped into your head.

But what if we can change your mind? What if you could get editable, custom designer slides that will ‘wow’ your colleagues while following your corporate template?

If you’re tired of the basic PowerPoint slide styles and don’t have a graphic designer conveniently hanging around, give your presentation an edge with custom designer slides from SlideHub. After all, there’s only so much you can do with the Quick Access Toolbar, SmartArt, and Shapes tool.

Download the SlideHub PowerPoint plugin and discover a whole treasure trove of +1000 professional slides in our library. The catalog features editable elements, so the next time you need a SWOT model, just download and paste them into your template.

If you search for a concept or element that does not show up in our search, just submit a request and SlideHub specialist will create the item in question. The result is an interactive library that’s continuously updated with new items, filling out potential gaps and ensuring you never come up empty handed.

So what are you waiting on? Download our slides and take your presentation to the next level.

It's that easy.

How to take your PowerPoint template from good to great

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Say you have all the written content and an idea about what visuals to use. You paste everything into PowerPoint and try out the default themes and shapes. However, the standard options tend to stick to the same, dated formula. The standard PowerPoint themes won’t get the job done.

Your content deserves better. It deserves to stand out.

Elevate an average, predefined corporate PowerPoint template into one that looks both polished and engaging by using dynamic visuals. Implement imaginative graphs and intuitive flow charts to take your audience on a breathtaking journey. Remember, 65% of the population are visual learners. Use that to your advantage.

Browse through the thousands of custom elements we provide at the SlideHub slide shop. Pick and choose your favorites and seamlessly integrate them into your PowerPoint presentation. With these tools at your disposal, creating quality slides will be second nature. People won’t believe what you created in PowerPoint.

Stay on-brand with PowerPoint templates

Staying on-brand is of paramount importance when representing your organization. A coherent visual identity is a must for any PowerPoint presentation that aims to communicate effectively. Whether you are just presenting a routine weekly boardroom meeting in front of coworkers, or trying to sell your product to a potential client, the presence of a strong company identity makes the key difference.

Furthermore, a recognizable company brand sets you apart from the competition. Customers will be more aware of your organization and motivate word-of-mouth, which in turn, inspires growth. A solid visual identity cements your presence so that clients will remember you the next time they need your service.

The tricky part, however, is getting all employees on board and aligned with the company branding.

There are several reasons why employees sometimes stray from the company identity, but it boils down to the basic fact that staying on-brand is difficult. While workers excel at tasks specific to their areas of expertise, many a) cannot afford to spend time on verifying every single detail or b) do not have the creative skillset to keep up the company branding.

You’ve been cultivating this company’s brand for ages; don’t let it die out. Simply send your drafts or website’s screenshot over to SlideHub, and our platform will provide customized PowerPoint templates, tailor-made just for you. We’ll make sure everything is on-brand with your visual identity, so you don’t have to worry about making any mistakes.

Why you should avoid generic PowerPoint templates

“What we pay attention to is profoundly influenced by memory. Our previous experience predicts where we should pay attention.” – Dr. John Medina at the University of Washington.

Generating great, educational content is only half the battle – holding people’s attention is the other. Using the average PowerPoint template certainly won’t help you out on that frontier, so do your homework and create a personalized experience that your client won’t forget. It’s no secret that every customer wants to feel unique and receive special treatment, so use custom elements and show that you like to pay careful attention to the client’s needs.

First, involve your audience into the presentation by taking the time to learn their backgrounds, perspectives and style preference. Then armed with this knowledge, you’re now ready to create a specialized slide deck that will no doubt win them over and keep them hanging on to your every word.

Generic, run-of-the-mill models just won’t cut it, especially when you have the option to utilize specialized PowerPoint slides. With customized slide templates from the SlideHub slide catalog, you can establish a long-lasting connection with the client on a personal level. Using custom designs also reflects well on you as a presenter – it demonstrates thoughtfulness, professionalism, and effort. Tailor-made content will make your audience even more enthusiastic and excited about what you want to say, as it shows that you’ve invested time in the potential relationship. 

We challenge you to take your PowerPoint presentation to the next level. Download the SlideHub plugin, and with our plug-and-play format, you can paste PowerPoint elements straight into your slides. In no time, your slides will look miles better and more professional than before.

How much does a great PowerPoint template cost?

A quick Google search will leave you with dozens of different answers and services. There is a sea of options out there that you can dip your toes in, but how can you tell which one is worth investing in?

In short, the cost of a high great PowerPoint template is not as bad as you think – as long as you do your research. Certainly, if you go down the route of hiring a PowerPoint specialist, which can cost up to $80 per hour, you’ll be racking up quite the bill in no time.

We at SlideHub have carefully calculated the most cost-efficient option for you. At only $21/hour, our hourly support plan combines the best parts of all the models in the market right now. With the PowerPoint plugin, you’ll receive access to thousands of slide templates. This way, you’ll know what you’re getting into; you won’t have to bet on a random graphic designer from Wisconsin and hope for the best. Select the templates you like best from our ever-growing collection and add them to your library for immediate download or team-sharing. Or if you’d like one of our PowerPoint specialists to integrate the content for you, all you need to do is drop us a request.

Use your PowerPoint template to eliminate common business presentation mistakes

Run through this checklist to make sure your presentation is in top shape. Of course, there will be times when not all mistakes will be caught, even when using a template. If you need a second pair of eyes, just send us your presentation. We’ll find all the small details and fix it for you.


    All the elements in your slide deck should be aligned to ensure professionalism. It’s a basic detail, but nonetheless still extremely effective.

  • Did you place all headers in the exact same position across all slides?
  • Are your graphs aligned with the first letter of the headers?
  • Are your footers aligned with the rest of your text?
  • Is there any content jumping when you flip through the deck?


    Maintaining a consistent theme is an essential for a sleek PowerPoint. It’s what elevates an okay or even boring PowerPoint to a truly captivating presentation.

  • Do your slides stick to a consistent color scheme?
  • Are all of your slides using the same font?
  • How about font size (excluding headers and footers)?
  • Is spacing the same throughout the presentation?
  • Are your elements inside the margin?
  • White space is important for any polished presentation – are you using white space appropriately?


    Effective visuals are a must – they convey your message when words are just not enough. Remember, pictures (and graphs) are worth a thousand words, so make yours count.

  • Are you using high quality photos, and do they enhance the story you are telling?
  • Are you using the appropriate graph to represent your numbers? If you’re not sure, check out our ebook How to Make Killer Data Visuals.
  • Are your footers aligned with the rest of your text?
  • If you’re including the company logo, is the logo’s background transparent?

Ensure proper use of PowerPoint Templates

At this point, it seems obvious that everyone should be using PowerPoint templates to ensure top-tier presentations. It cuts out the need for pricey graphic designers and streamlines the whole cumbersome design process. Most importantly, templates save time. Spending a whole day fidgeting with PowerPoint is a waste, especially if your employees can use the same time period to concentrate their efforts on something more worthwhile.

At the same time, if you’re unsure on how to properly translate your content into the slide templates, then that is just another case of improper use of time. Precious hours should not be spent on Googling how to use all those PowerPoint tools, especially for those less experienced in the program. In the grand scheme of things, that’s just not a smart allocation of resources.

When in doubt, SlideHub PowerPoint specialists can handle the notes-to-slide process based on your instructions. Use our slide templates as inspiration or reference points, upload the files you want to add to the presentation, and set a deadline.