PowerPoint experts and PowerPoint designers: 2020 the complete list

PowerPoint has more than 500 million users worldwide. An estimated 300 million PowerPoint presentations are made every day. That is 12,500,000 per hour or 208,333 every single minute.

500 million Users worldwide

500 million Users worldwide

500 million Users worldwide

300 million presentations made every day

500 million Users worldwide

12.5 million per hour

The real time killers for PowerPoint designers and experts

It’s comes as no surprise that some is wasted creating PowerPoints. But it might surprise you that 40% of the time is used on formatting the content.

This results in an average business professional spending approximately 20 hours per month on PowerPoint presentation design. To combat this waste of time you can either outsource your slide production to PowerPoint experts and PowerPoint designers or you can use tools to become faster. An example of a free tool that will make you faster is the SlideHub PowerPoint ribbon. The tool helps you do the most frequent commands without needing to touch the mouse. Align and distribute using the keyboard only and increase your productivity.

Alternatively, you can get a PowerPoint expert or PowerPoint designer to do the work.

Full list of PowerPoint expert and designers

Companies included on the list are 100% focused on PowerPoint services. Companies that provide multiple services, e.g., PowerPoint and content writing are excluded from the list. If we have left out a company, please write to us via this email.

Parameters described on the list

Company description: The company in questions own description taken from their website

Pricing: The lowest possible price per hour or price per slide is used throughout the list to keep things comparable

Turnaround time: Median turnaround before you get your presentation back

Time to get started: The time from you submit your task to somebody starts working on your task

Quality: As it's impossible to objectively evaluate all companies without doing a test, this (essential) aspect has been left out.

Location: The companies HQ is used if the company has several offices.

In case you are not looking for an actual agency, there are also traditional freelance platforms available where you typically hire a freelancer. Below are a few of the most know freelance platforms:

  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • Upwork


We are often challenged to present or introduce something to our customers or colleagues. A good and meaningful presentation is an important tool. However, not everyone has the knowledge, skills and - perhaps most importantly - the time to build a properly designed presentation, an issue faced by both large organizations and small one-man consultancies.

At SlideHub, we help professionals to save time and enhance their presentations by taking sketches and rough content and placing it in the hands of our experienced PowerPoint specialists.

 a man is working with professional charts

SlideHub identifies the top 1% of PowerPoint specialists

To ensure that only the best specialists are working for our clients, SlideHub uses a tailor-made talent platform to identify the best to execute each daily request. The identification process is fairly simple: before a designer can work with our clients, they must register on the SlideHub talent platform and complete an example presentation design test. Only 2% of those who apply pass the test to our satisfaction.

We then assess the specialists\' communication skills and their understanding of the protocols surrounding working with confidential information. The presentation specialists are then interviewed and security vetted via an integration with PayPal’s highly developed security process. As a result of this step, only 1.1% of the initial applicants are invited to perform some trial projects – the last part of the process, designed to ensure high performance.

The PowerPoint specialists that make it through all the trial projects will be invited to create quality presentations for the SlideHub clients.

At SlideHub, we try to ensure that our PowerPoint specialists are always up to date. To do this, we provide each specialist with adequate material to support their ongoing professional development, thereby ensuring that the quality meets the highest standards.

Meet Uma - an experienced PowerPoint specialist

Uma is one of SlideHub’s qualified PowerPoint specialists. She is a full-time freelancer and her story is a good example of the typical specialist’s story on SlideHub’s talent platform. Uma lives in Chennai, India and has a Bachelor degree in Computer Science. After finishing her degree, she joined an American company with an office in India as a Business Presentation specialist, but resigned after 7 years for personal reasons. She now works as a full-time freelancer.

Uma has told us that she was excited to take the test, as she believes that selecting candidates via a thorough test process is the best way to find the most talented specialists. Uma particularly appreciates the ease of working on the SlideHub talent platform, telling us: “Winning projects, project approval and feedback work great” and “Whenever I ask for support, I receive help within minutes”.

 designer is working on the laptop

How SlideHub works with the presentation specialists

After potential specialists have been through the thorough process described above, they can begin executing PowerPoint presentation projects on a daily basis. This is how it works on a project basis:

  1. Once a request is received from a SlideHub client, the presentation specialists on the platform will be informed via email and SMS.
  2. The specialists can then apply for the project, providing they are able to meet the deadline.
  3. The right specialist for the job is then selected by the team in Denmark.
  4. The specialist that gets the job will receive further information about the project – including the relevant files and template. Only the specialist assigned to the project will receive this information.
  5. After any questions have been clarified, the specialist begins work on the presentation.

Presentation designers are managed by the team in Europe

It is very important to have a constant exchange of information between the specialists and the team in Europe, in order to ensure the perfect presentation for our client. At any time, the specialists can send questions to the SlideHub team, allowing the majority of projects to be delivered without the involvement of the clients.

In the unlikely event of a problem that can\'t be solved via the platforms chat functionality, the team in Europe stay in close contact with the specialists via Skype. In addition, specialists on the SlideHub platform are provided with various training and support videos to help them solve the most common client requests on their own.

Once completed, the finished job is submitted on the platform. The project is carefully checked by the SlideHub team in Denmark and Portugal and if something is not 100% perfect, it is sent back to the specialist with brief instructions for improvement. The completed project is only sent back to the client when we are 100% satisfied.

The many benefits of working with the SlideHub PowerPoint specialists

In business, the impact of a business presentation has been shown to correlate with the quality of the presentation design. It is one thing to impress your boss with high high quality slides, but this is rendered pointless if your message fails to come across as intended.

Pitching or presenting to clients is the perfect example – having a professional presentation makes you look structured and ensures that the right things are highlighted, reducing potential focus on those errors and minor flaws which some customers are experts in spotting.

One of the main reasons clients use SlideHub’s presentation specialists is to save time. When using SlideHub, time constraints become less of a worry, as fast turnaround times and overnight improvements are a standard part of our model. Our Denmark-based support team is available from 07:00 CET to 23:00 CET and helps us deliver 80% of projects on the day we receive them.

 a desk full of materials to be creative, to be a designer

We were not all born PowerPoint specialists

Some people are great at communications, some at recruiting executives, and some at solving business problems. When you\'re busy doing your job, there are often not enough hours left in the day to become a PowerPoint expert. SlideHub’s PowerPoint specialists, however, create several hundred PowerPoint slides per day and have been hand-picked to do so. These specialists have a fundamental understanding of PowerPoint and possess the necessary creativity to create impactful presentations - a skill which does not come naturally to everybody.

As a natural result, another benefit of working with SlideHub’s specialists is the impact on employee satisfaction. SlideHub’s services allow highly skilled workers around the world to focus on what they do best, while SlideHub takes care of the rest.

Our goal is to make our clients more productive. By removing more time-consuming elements - such as PowerPoint presentation design and other cumbersome tasks – and giving them to our specialists, our clients are free to focus on adding value.

In short,SlideHub can help you to create a happier, more productive work force, communicate more clearly and win more customers.

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