Payment terms

What are your payment terms?

Terms of payment depend on payment models. There are two models: invoicing or credit card. Invoices are charged within 15 days. Credit cards are charged at the end of each month

How are your invoices specified?

We are flexible in terms of specifications e.g. projects codes, users, departments etc. We will adjust to your requirements

Can I set a budget for certain persons/projects/departments?

Yes, if you have subscription model

Project submissions

How do I send a task?

You can send an email to [email protected] or upload your files and instructions to our platform Our local support team will contact in case any clarification is needed

What if I want to see the price before you get started?

As part of our onboarding process, we ask how you prefer to manage payment. We tailor our service to your preferences, so if you want to approve all tasks of more than 50 USD, for example, then that is how all of your tasks are managed. You can also specify on your own at


How do you ensure my deadlines are met?

Specialists work 24/7 from all time zones. If you want to send tasks outside our opening hours you can get it started via our platform Our algorithm will allocate the project to the best-suited specialist

What happens if you miss my deadline?

During the past two years, we have missed the deadline on less than 0.5% of projects. We do not make guarantees or offer refunds in the unlikely event that we miss a deadline


How do you ensure high quality?

Our business model is designed to deliver high quality by: 1) Thoroughly screening, testing and vetting all specialists 2) Our local team takes ownership, reviews and approves all projects

How do you ensure that our internal standards are met?

As part of our on-boarding process, we make sure your company’s unique style and templates are documented and integrated into our delivery and quality processes


What is the price structure?

You can either pay per task or sign a subscription to save costs. Please see our pricing for a full overview

What start-up costs?

There is no startup fee or any other type of fee

What currency and what rate do you use?

As the majority of our costs are in USD, we also invoice our customers in USD. If you prefer another currency, the exchange rate will be set the day of the transaction based on the mid-market price according to

Terms & Conditions

What are your standard terms and conditions?

The overall conditions will be outlined to you when you begin to work with us. For more details please reach out

How do you ensure that you meet our internal supplier requirements?

Let us know what your requirements are and what it takes to meet them, and we will do the rest


Is it safe to share confidential information?

Yes. We apply the most up-to-date web security and have tailored our internal process to limit exposure, including requiring anyone with access to project information to sign strict Non-Disclosure agreements and use two-way authentication to log into our platform

How do you ensure that specialists do not share confidential information?

As part of our rigorous vetting process all specialists must sign a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement, making them liable for any damage or loss resulting from their failure to follow confidentiality protocol. Aditionally, vetted specialists must use two-way authentication to log into our platform

How do you ensure that internal staff do not share confidential information?

Internally we apply three simple rules: 1) All employees sign strict NDAs 2) Employees must not write down & disseminate or in any other way share customer information 3) Lack of compliance with rule 1 or 2 will result in immediate termination of the employee and result in appropriate legal action

User Account

Do I need a user account in order to use NoMore services?

No - you simply need to email us and we will take it from there.


How do you recruit your specialists?

We assess IQ, communication skills, and simulate a realistic project for each applicant. Less than 1% are accepted onto our project delivery platform. The few that do are either experts in PowerPoint or business research. Everyone sign strict NDAs and conduct thorough interviews and need to use two-way authentication to log into our platform

Where are your specialists located?

Our platform is designed to enable specialists from all over the world to register in order to take advantage of differences in time zones

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