File deletion at SlideHub

To give the best possible experience on the platform, we are storing different types of data.

File deletion periods

To limit the storage of potential personal information we have set a default deletion period of most files e.g. the number of days after which files are deleted.

This means all customer provided files that are not necessary for us to deliver a high quality service are automatically deleted after a certain time period.

File deletion periods can be customized

The deletion period of several of the file types handled by SlideHub have the option of custom deletion periods.

Via the client login, customers can change the deletion period as they see fit in order to make it compliant with their internal file deletion policies.

File Type

Customizable deletion option

Email tickets

Personal emails

Task input

Output drafts

Final files


✖ - only upon request

FAQ - Deletion

Common file deletion questions

Why can i not set the delete option for all type types?

When the deletion frequency option is not available, it is because these files do not expire and keeps being relevant for delivering ongoing tasks. For most of these files the user can request to have then updated or delete manually.

By what frequency can i get my files deleted?

Most of your files are deleted after a specific period e.g. x days after they where created, our standard deletion period is after 180 days, but you have the option to specify this interval. We hare the options: 30, 90, 180 & 365 days

What happens if i stop using the service?

If you decide to leave and at the same time delete your account all personal data and related files will be permanently deleted from our system. Due to database consistencies some information is made 100% anonymous and will remain in the database without any personal data.

Are files permanently deleted?

For the most part, yes. All personal data is permanently deleted. However, due to database consistencies some information is anonymized instead.

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