Secure positive ROI from week one with limited internal investments

SlideHub provides value without larger investments and is priced to unlock positive ROI within weeks


P&L Owners decided to work with SlideHub for several reasons


Leverage best practices with limited investments

You get best practices slides, icons, images and illustrations without set-up costs


Simplify tools and licenses

With a all-in-one solution you avoid having seperate providers for inspiration slides, images, icons and illustrations


Variable costs for increased agility

When using the on-demand service instead of in-house design teams you replace fixed with variable costs


Service cost-control with credits

Use of the on-demand service can be fully controlled via pre-paid credit hours


Limit service spend to selected users

Only provide access for the on-demand service to certain roles e.g. managers and above to limit spend


Flexable invoice options

Get invoices broken down by user and/or project id to allow for reallocation of costs

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“We wanted to get value from day one without needing a long, costly start-up process. SlideHub has that option“

Mahdi Bokshamsin / Operations Director

Pricing that ensures positive ROI

SlideHub provided value without larger investments and is priced to unlock positive ROI within weeks.

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