Keeping chaos is costly.
Fixing it is cheap

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Finance loves SlideHub because it solves
a costly problem

Easy access to winning slides

Let your team build on-brand decks in a matter of minutes instead of hours

Fast implementation

Onboarding is fast and requires little investment and is less sensitive for key employees leaving

Return on investment

Average consultants will have positive return on investment at 2 slide downloads in one month

Simplify tools and licenses

With an all-in-one solution, you avoid having separate providers for inspiration slides, images, icons, and illustrations.

Leverage a variable service as an add-on to the Asset Platform

Give key employees access to the world's fastest PowerPoint service and avoid internal bottlenecks in busy months

Variable costs for increased agility

Replace fixed cost with variable cost via the on-demand service

Service cost-control with credits

Use of the on-demand service can be fully controlled via pre-paid credit hours

Limit service spend to selected users

Only provide access for the on-demand service to certain roles e.g. managers and above to limit spend

Flexible invoice options

Get invoices broken down by user and/or project id to allow for reallocation of costs