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Believe it or not, there’s a lot that goes into crafting a solid business PowerPoint presentation. It may seem like just a matter of copy and pasting text into a default PowerPoint template and rearranging bullet points, but there are many factors to consider if you want a presentation that’s truly effective and enthralling.

There is a ton of factors to consider when creating PowerPoint for Businesses.

Thus, if you are a business professional with a lot on your plate and a presentation deadline looming over your head, handing your PowerPoint to a third party is not a bad idea. But upon typing a few words into your search bar, thousands of options pop up. So out of everything out there, how can you tell which service is the best for you?

You need Slide Production, not an agency

As a business professional looking to strategically outsource your PowerPoint production to a third party, you’ll need a production factory, not a creative agency. You need someone who can deliver the goods consistently and dependably, such as a company is SlideHub.

Think of it in terms of purchasing a car. Looking for a car that’s reliable, progressive, affordable, and dexterous, i.e. one that gets the job done, every time, like an Audi? SlideHub is the service for you. SlideHub always delivers quality presentations per your requests. On the other hand, if you’re more into the extravagant and flashy like a Lamborghini, and willing to sink more money into the project, then turn in your PowerPoints to a creative agency like modicum

When it comes to slides, you need to ask yourself if you are looking for Porche or an Audi.

Still unsure of where to outsource your PowerPoint slides? Read on as we walk through the basic differences between SlideHub and PowerPoint agencies.

  • If you are a business professional, such as a management consultant, head of strategy, someone in corporate finance, or an investment professional, SlideHub would be a great fit.
  • If you’re looking for more creative additions to the PowerPoint and are willing to let the third party experiment, try out a design agency that specializes in creative solutions or a hire a freelancer.
  • If you are not hard pressed for time or if that’s not your priority, then practically any agency can do the job.
  • Otherwise, SlideHub works around the clock and can send you the completed PowerPoint presentation overnight.

2Business Presentations vs Creative Presentations

Before you go about choosing a PowerPoint outsourcer, you’ll need to identify what you really need from the agency. Of course, both businesses are selling a finished product, but the business presentation is a means to an end, while the creative presentation is practically the end in itself.

Do you want a streamlined PowerPoint that will get your message across in a clear and concise manner while staying in your company’s style? Or do you want something flashy or out-of-the-box creative?

Young business professionals with a tie

Business professionals requirements

Overnight delivery

One interaction per presentation

Follow guidelines draw attention to graphs

A professional business counterpart who can think critically

Notes to slides

Man with a beard a shirt with rolled up sleeves

Creatives requirements

In time for the pitch

Fine tuning and multiple iterations

Break the rules and think out of the box

A creative partner who comes up with new ideas

Creative direction

3The Key Differences

The business presentations are all about highlighting the important messages one should take away. At the end of the day, your audience should leave with a strong sense of your analysis and its associated implications.

How to: Highlight the important messages

How does one go about this? At first, you may be tempted to overload your slides with a barrage of facts to backup your argument. However, this may actually have an opposite effect: with too much going on, your clients will be inundated with information and can end up being more confused than ever.

To combat this, parse down your main points and aim for styles with not too much going on; you don’t want to detract from your main point, nor do you want to look unprofessional. It’s of utmost importance to have a clean, crystal clear slide deck.

Its of utmost important to have a clean, crystal clear slide deck.

What you need instead is consistent graphic elements, straightforward language, and smart highlights. Here at SlideHub, we’ve experienced that if business presentations with fewer frills, one that leaves the content and analysis in the spotlight, are more successful and popular with our clients across the board. Additionally, the inclusion of data-driven visualizations, such as appropriate graphs and charts, is of utmost importance. If you need a refresher on how to make killer data representations, check out our ebook.

PowerPoint for business: Less is more

The “less is more” principle still holds for all PowerPoint designs in general, but there is a bit more to play around with if you are leaning toward a creative presentation. You can get away with brighter colors, inventive PowerPoint elements, and a greater number of ways to generate a truly interactive experience. Experiment with PowerPoint’s different multimedia features to further engage your audience, such as inserting music in your or a complementary video in the presentation.

Quick fixes: Cheat sheet checklist

Below is a quick cheat sheet of the general characteristics of the two types of presentations.

Young business professionals with a tie

Business professionals requirements

Focal attention is content

Limited use of highlight color

Usually stick to one font size

One font style used throughout whole presentation


Fact-based – heavy usage of graphs, data visualization

Generates trust

Man with a beard a shirt with rolled up sleeves

Creatives requirements

Focal attention is design


Several font sizes are ok

1+ font styles used throughout whole presentation

Aims to stir emotion rather than follow logic


Inspires audience

Still stuck? The next two sections will help you find out which specific service best suits your own needs.

4Services for Business Professionals

Founded by former McKinsey consultant Anders Thomsen, SlideHubb specializes in PowerPoint outsourcing for business professionals , such as management consultants. SlideHubb can take a draft of notes or diagrams and transform it into a professional PowerPoint deck that is tailor-made to your needs, while still fitting within your company’s standards.

What sort of needs can SlideHubb provide?

Clean and professional PowerPoint presentations to let the message and analysis stand out

We created SlideHubb to help business professionals like ourself to create high quality slides overnight at affordable rates.

As mentioned before, it is crucial for business professionals to have easily understandable content on their slide decks. The best way to do this is to have slides with ample spacing, succinct wording, and sleek design elements so the eye doesn’t get tired.

Only 0.5% designers are good enough to execute proper Business Slides

Through a series of extensive PowerPoint tests, SlideHub finds the most qualified, well-equipped individuals who not only already have a sense of what the the do’s and don’ts of business presentations, but have the experience to back it up. In fact, only 0.5% of applicants wish to join SlideHub’s team pass our comprehensive tests and qualify as SlideHub specialists.

Business Slides transformations: Some examples

Here’s an example of a Before and After of a timeline slide:

random misaligned dates and milestones aligned dates and milestones

SlideHub can take a basic rundown of dates and turn it into an intuitive timeline, easy for your clients to follow.

Brush-ups and Revamps

SlideHub guarantees stylistic consistency across all slides, such as bullet points, headers, and graphs. On top of that, SlideHub can turn a rough sketch of notes or graphs into a completely polished slide deck that will abide by your company’s stylistic preferences.

All SlideHub need is some words and/or data and we will create consistent slides.

All SlideHub really needs from your end is just a line or two of instructions. Even a message as simple as “Please brush up these slides” or “Please do what you usually do” is sufficient enough for us to get the job done.

various poorly designed PowerPoint slides in different colors, styles and feel consistent and well designed PowerPoint slides

With the addition of visually appealing elements and use of a strong color contrast, the slide is much easier to read – not to mention, eye-catching.

Example of brush up

Sometimes, a simple brush up is not enough. That's when you turn to visual enhancement.

various poorly designed PowerPoint slides Consistant, visually enhanced and well designed PowerPoint slides

Want to see some more concrete examples of what SlideHub can do? Check out our PowerPoint services page to see more Befores and Afters of the PowerPoint slides we receive from our customers.

5PowerPoints that can be done within 24 hours

By having PowerPoint specialists from all over the globe, most projects are actually delivered within the same day. Or if the request is sent late at night, you can expect to find it the next morning. If you’re worried that this means quality is sacrificed for time, don’t fret; our European based team reviews each project before the final version is sent right to your inbox.

All of these features make SlideHub an ideal pick for any business professional, no matter the field, who would rather spend their time focusing on what they do best than struggling in PowerPoint.

PowerPoint Services for Creative Purposes

In contrast, if you’re seeking a PowerPoint vendor who can wow you with their artistic eye, then find a service who focuses more on the creative end of the spectrum. Alternatively, search for a freelance designer whose taste really resonates with you.

That being said, what can you expect from a PowerPoint service that caters to the creative crowd?

PowerPoints that Grab Your Attention

These PowerPoint presentations can incorporate bold color themes, interesting or experimental fonts, unusual PowerPoint elements, and as mentioned before, multimedia inserts. Though you may sacrifice some professionalism, multimedia can definitely be a way to make your presentation memorable and stand out – check out this tutorial from Andrew Childress on ways to use multimedia to your advantage.

Because there’s more room to play around with the design, don’t be alarmed if the stylistic choices are unconventional. It’s like that for a reason. Like the business presentations, there’s still a message that needs to be communicated to the audience. The way creative PowerPoints go about it, however, is different. Graphic design choices, from minute details like fonts, to structural components like layout and color palette, also have the ability to tell a story.

Especially custom-made presentations

With some creative services and freelancers, they can take in very specific requests and work with you to come up with something very tailor-made and original. You can browse among the thousands of designers on sites like Upwork and fiverr to find a freelancer who is the best fit for you.

However, because you’re asking for the service to come up with an original vision, turnaround time will most certainly be longer than a vendor like SlideHub. But as long as you understand this restriction, plan out the rest of the presentation accordingly, and set up a timeline that works for both you and the freelancer, then you’re good to go.


Have more time to spare and aren’t afraid to experiment with your creative side? A freelancer who knows her way around PowerPoint sounds like the best match.

If you wish to turn a rough draft of notes into an effective PowerPoint presentation, SlideHub is the service you are looking for.

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