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Slide Library: +2000 designer slides & much more

More than +2000 slides are ready for individuals who want some time saving high-quality design inspiration for their PowerPoint presentations

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Directly in PowerPoint

Slide Library directly from within PowerPoint

The SlideHub library is available directly from within PowerPoint via the SlideHub PowerPoint add-in. The add-in can be installed in 30 sec.

The Library further allows for automatic adjustments of slide colors to match different color styles.

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Manage company and team Slides in the Library

The SlideHub PowerPoint Slide Library makes it easy to share high-quality slides, images, and icons within PowerPoint and boost brand consistency across the team


A PowerPoint Tool for sharing best practices

The PowerPoint tool is built to help the entire team become more productive by sharing and managing best practices across the team.

In addition to the PowerPoint Tool, SlideHub provides a modern web interface for managing company and team slides and other assets.

End user features

PowerPoint Slide Library: Core features

Search and insert +2000 inspiration slides categorized into common consultant categories​

Insert designer slides

Search and insert +2000 inspiration designer slides categorized into common consultant categories​

Insert slides directly into your presentation

Insert slides directly in PPT

Insert slides directly from the library into your presentation

Automatically adjust inspiration slides to your preferred colors and slide layout

Automatically adjust colors

Automatically adjust inspiration slides to your preferred colors and slide layout

Everything runs on blazing-fast AWS servers, resulting in a fast experience across all machines

Blazing fast cloud experience

Everything runs on blazing-fast AWS servers, resulting in a fast experience across all machines

If you are missing slides from the inspiration or company library you can request them from within the tool

Quickly request new slides

If you are missing slides from the inspiration or company library you can request them from within the tool

Explore and insert 100.000+ of high- quality PowerPoint icons and illustrations

Insert images and icons

Explore and insert 100.000+ of high- quality PowerPoint icons and illustrations

Manager features

PowerPoint Slide Library: Admin and gatekeeper features ensure consistency

Select consistency gatekeepers

Select consistency gatekeepers

Select gatekeepers to manage consistency across the slide library, images, and more

Tool data for better decisions

Tool data for better decisions

Use tool data and slide ratings to optimize the company slide library and ensure ongoing improvements

Make it a team effort

Make it a team effort

As a manager, you can allow other users to suggest and contribute slides to the company library

Enable login w. O365 and Google

Enable login w. O365 and Google

Allow users to link and login with their Office 365 and G-Suite accounts for faster adoption

Customize the tool branding

Customize the tool branding

Add your logo and change text for a branded experience across the tool

Slide Library that runs on everything

Slide Library that runs on everything

All team members use the PowerPoint library in PowerPoint: It runs on Mac, PC & Web

Watch 30 video on how to install the Slide library

Watch the quick video:

Watch how to manage the slide library as library manager / gatekeeper

Watch how to manage the SlideHub Library:

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PowerPoint Slide Library: Adding value from day 1

Founded by a former McKinsey consultant we at SlideHub understand the complexity of creating impact in organizations of all sizes.

We have been working with organizations of all sizes across the globe since 2016. As a result, we have built the Slide Library to support a smooth implementation process.

We have aimed to enable adding value from day one while also ensuring positive return-on-investment (ROI) without substantial time investments from our customers.

The following steps outline how we believe that clients most efficiently implement the Slide Library to achieve these targets.

Initial value from Slide Library

The PowerPoint Slide Library takes 30 seconds to install. When installed the Library contains several assets that can save users time without making any form of upfront time investment. These assets include +2000 high-quality designer slides, access to consistent icons, illustrations, and images.

Quick investment to increase value from the Slide Library

The first small investment we suggest takes less than 2 minutes and can help the users of the PowerPoint Slide Library save several hours as they start using the generic inspiration slides. The investment includes two small steps:

  1. Add the most common Company PowerPoint template to the Library. Even without adding a larger company library, making the company template easy to find can save time and increase consistency
  2. Configure automated color adjustments How PowerPoint handles the colors and fonts of inspiration slides is not always aligned with the company template and style e.g. your desired color might be dark blue, but slides are inserted with all grey shapes. To optimize the experience and save time, the Library manager can configure color settings that detail the colors of shapes being inserted. This feature further enables cleaning the lorem ipsum text and removing generic icons.

Initial larger investment to increase brand consistency

Once the first users have validated the relevance and initial value of the Slide Library we suggest investing in a company-specific Slide Library.

A good company slide library substantially increases the value of Slide Library as it can contain different company slides and best practices from across the organization.

The Library makes it easier and faster to find such best practices and can save the users hours wasted trying to find such slides across other storage systems. We normally suggest you book a 30 min call with one of our customer success managers and discuss the best approach.

Maintenance: Leverage data to boost

Once the initial company slide library is live and being used, many clients invest in going maintenance to the Slide Library. At SlideHub we suggest that this maintenance is as data-driven as possible. We see a few common data levers that can help accelerate the content quality and volume:

  • What non-company slides are popular in demand from the company users: create "ready to use" company alternatives
  • Non-company slides popular among other users: Build company-specific alternatives
  • Explore empty search results and build slides that match the expressed need
  • Make additional alternatives of popular slides within the existing PowerPoint library to save time
  • If the company use the SlideHub design service: Leverage highly rated tasks as a source for more slides

Maintenance option: Let SlideHub help out

Clients can fully manage everything from their web interface. However, not everyone has the time and PowerPoint expertise to dedicate hours to library maintenance. To help overcome this challenge, SlideHub offers a service to help with any part of the implementation or conduct monthly maintenance.

Why positive ROI from day one?

SlideHub is fully focused on ensuring end-user success and has dedicated our pricing model to this idea by providing an "active user" payment model. As a result, by default clients only pay for the people who use the SlideHub product offerings. If we then consider the time saved by using the offering, the avg. salary costs of the typical SlideHub clients, and the price per user, 99% of all users realize positive ROI the first day they turn on paid access to the Slidehub PowerPoint library.

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