The PowerPoint productivity software we wished we had

After doing more than +50.000 PowerPoint tasks for clients we decided to build a PowerPoint Add-in consultants would use

Inspiration slides

Never start from scratch again

Gain access to +1200 inspirational slides, categorized in typical consulting categories and directly available in PowerPoint

Free trial

50+ new slides added each month

Company slides

Internal best practice one click away

Access your company's best slides.
Find company slides based on category, tags, or content. Easily add, manage and share slides with your colleagues

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Manage everything in-house or delegate to us

Consultant toolkit

Build slides faster with hand-picked tools

Leverage consistent icons, high-quality images, editable illustrations, and much more - guaranteeing consistency and productivity at the same time

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Customize access and styles to increase consistency

Features list

Pie chart

Flexible insert options

Insert slides directly into your presentation and keep or change the template

Colleagues working together

Customize features

Customize roles, styles, slides, and which tools should be available for the users

An inspired brain

Automatically adjust colors

Automatically adjust inspiration slides to your preferred colors and slide layout (soon)

Chat between team members

Directly available in PowerPoint

The add-in is directly available in PowerPoint for all relevant users

Cloud with download icon

Update company slides directly from PowerPoint

Add slides to the company library directly from within PowerPoint

Sliders with different values

Combine presentation and slides smoothly

We have made it easy to search and use full presentations and slides at once

Management options

Manage everything on your own, delegate to us, or go hybrid

You can delegate your company library maintenance to us if you are pressed for time, but you can also manage everything on your own

unlock icon

Gatekeeper and manager functionality keeps you in control and make sure slides are up to date

manage icon

Fully manage slides, icons and roles internally

hourglass icon

Leverage our design service to make library management less time consuming

Product vision

Empower end-users, ensure consistency and keep it simple

Design rules icon

Empower end-users and ensure actual usage

We evaluate all feature ideas based on if they help consultants make better slides faster and we believe empowerment over control

Technology related icon

Ensuring consistency across colleagues

Having done more than 50.000 PowerPoint design tasks we understand the importance of consistency and are always trying to find ways to increase it

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Keep it simple and do it very well

We are fully focused on PowerPoint tools and only those presented above - we want to build the best thinkable version within these areas