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The PowerPoint tool provides direct access

The PowerPoint Tool by SlideHub provides users direct access to high-quality assets directly in PowerPoint.
Furthermore, the solution is powered by a web platform that allows managers to configure the account and manage company-specific assets.
No credit card required
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One PowerPoint tool no extra licenses

With the SlideHub PowerPoint Presentation Tool don't need other image, slide bank, or icons providers, but get instant access to:
2000+ inspiration slides
+100.000 consistent icons
+20.000 consistent illustrations
+10M quality images

A PowerPoint tool built for speed

Founded by a former McKinsey consultant the SlideHub PowerPoint tool is very focused on increasing PowerPoint productivity. We constantly try to make each little step faster and more efficient.
We constantly try to make each little step faster and more efficient.

A PowerPoint Tool for sharing best practices

The PowerPoint tool is built to help the entire team become more productive by sharing and managing best practices across the team.
In addition to the PowerPoint Tool, SlideHub provides a modern web interface for managing company and team slides and other assets.

PowerPoint Presentation Tool: Core features focus on speed

Explore +2000 design slides
Search and insert +2000 inspiration slides categorized into common consultant categories​
Insert slides directly
Insert slides directly from the PowerPoint tool into your presentation
Automatically adjust colors
Automatically adjust inspiration slides to your preferred colors and slide layout
Blazing fast cloud experience
Everything runs on blazing-fast AWS servers, resulting in a fast experience across all machines
Quickly request new slides
If you are missing slides from the inspiration or company library you can request them from within the tool
Insert images and icons
Explore and insert 100.000+ of high- quality PowerPoint icons and illustrations

PowerPoint Add-in: Admin features provide flexibility and control

Select consistency gatekeepers
Select gatekeepers to manage consistency across the tools slide library, images, and more
Tool data for better decisions
Use tool data and slide ratings to optimize the company slide library and ensure ongoing improvements
Make it a team effort
As a manager, you can allow other users to suggest and contribute slides to the company library
Enable login w. O365 and Google
Allow users to link and login with their Office 365 and G-Suite accounts for faster adoption
Customize the tool branding
Add your logo and change text for a branded experience across the tool
PowerPoint tool that runs on everything
All team members use the PowerPoint tool: Runs on Mac, PC & Web
Watch on-demand demo of the SlideHub PowerPoint tool

SlideHub PowerPoint Presentation Tool: For consultants by consultants

Background story
SlideHub was started in 2016 using the name NoMore ApS. The company was started with the idea of bringing super-efficient outsourcing of day-to-day office tasks to a wider audience. Think of UpWork but with consistent quality, predictable prices, no need for managing the freelancers, and with very fast turnaround. The concept was inspired by the SlideHub founder, Anders Thomsen, who had previously had access to such services while working as a consultant with McKinsey & Co. After experimenting with different service offerings, the founding team decided to narrow the scope of the service to be fully focused on PowerPoint services.
Since then the PowerPoint service has received a lot of positive feedback from clients and enable SlideHub to grow substantially over the last 5 years.
Why a PowerPoint tool?
Via the PowerPoint service, more than 20.000 PowerPoint tasks are annually handled for consultants and other business professionals across the globe.
While many PowerPoint-related issues can be handled via an efficient service, many of SlideHub's clients were experiencing several other pain points that could not be handled. The PowerPoint tool was build to help existing and future clients solve some of these challenges - including:
  • Generate inspiration for how to structure a new slide
  • Leverage inspiration slides efficiently - including automatically having colors adjusted
  • Make it easier to manage best practice PowerPoint slides across a larger group of people
  • Make it easier to find the high-quality slides created by others
  • Find consistent high-quality icons and illustrations that align with the design guidelines of the company
Why a tool for consultants?
There are two reasons:
1) SlideHub was founded by a former McKinsey consultant. As a result, many of the clients served via the PowerPoint tool work in consultant agencies or as in-house consultants or business development professionals within larger companies.

2) Consultants have a difficult job. They are expected to be great at business and/or engineering, good at talking with people, experts in Excel and analysis, but ALSO be great a building visual consistent presentations. At the same time, consultants are under a lot of time pressure to deliver value to their clients and thus value any tool that can help them be more efficient.
What makes this PowerPoint tool different?
As outlined above, we at SlideHub have extensive experience conducting PowerPoint slides internally Thus, we have a deep understanding of the requirements of what it takes to build a solid presentation and the challenges of working in PowerPoint without good tools. From this experience, we aim to do the following different from other tools:
  • Focus on speed: Consultants are busy people, so each small step needs to run fast
  • Keeping it simple: PowerPoint already has a large number of small tools and we don't want people to learn another 30 of them. Instead, we want to introduce a more modern interface for solving PowerPoint pains.
  • Empower the end-users: We believe that our tool is only successful if it becomes loved by our end users - not only the managers and brand gatekeepers. Thus, we always aim to find ways to provide more flexibility and control to the end-users who are using the PowerPoint tool.