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Use unique PowerPoint slides to create breathtaking presentations

Visually stunning presentations are not reserved to PowerPoint experts. You too can wield the power to deliver quality slides. Avoid boring text and monotonous graphics. Forget the generic stock features that Microsoft provides. Combine your stellar content with an equally compelling PowerPoint deck full of intuitive layouts, eye-catching images, and exclusive editable elements.

This may all sound out of reach, but you’d be surprised by how easy the whole process can be. It doesn’t have to take blood, sweat, and tears to bring your PowerPoint slides to the next level. With the SlideHub PowerPoint slide plugin, your presentation will look like it took hours to perfect when in reality, all you had to do was browse our collection of unique slides.

Ready to astound your clients? Our shop gives you access to unique plug-n-play PowerPoint slides that you can paste right into your template. Your words and data deserve a visual world as captivating as the message they carry.

You need unique PowerPoint slides to avoid drowning in the millions of slides produced everyday

30 million slides are produced every day -Microsoft

How many PowerPoint presentations have you seen in your lifetime? Probably way too many to count, and definitely way too many to remember every single one.

According to Microsoft estimates, around the world, about 350 PowerPoints are presented every second. That’s over 30 million a day. However, chances are, most of these slide decks are viewed by glazed eyes.

The most memorable presentations are the ones that lie on the two far ends of the spectrum: the extremely terrible (think group projects back in school) or the innovative and inspirational. Most fall in the middle, where they are just forgotten. Ensure that your next presentation doesn’t drop into this pitfall by using ready-made custom elements.

Leave the standard default clip art and pictograms. Flex your creative muscle and make your PowerPoint slides stand out from the crowd with thousands of inspirational elements from the SlideHub catalog. From now on, your hard work won’t go unnoticed.

Imagine a spellbound audience, ready to take in your information

We’re all familiar with the phrase “death by PowerPoint,” the epidemic of tedious PowerPoint presentations hitting offices all over the world. In fact, you may have been a victim of it at some point. But now it’s your turn cure this epidemic.

Revitalize your PowerPoint slides, and you’ll revive the crowd.

Combine your insights and knowledge with a presentation that looks like a million. You will have the target group at the edge of their seats, and with the audience’s attention in your possession, you can drive home an actionable message. Leave a lasting impression, not a yawn-inducing affliction.

PowerPoint slides that fit your structure

You’ve spent hours analyzing numbers and wrapping your findings. Now, comes the simple yet crucial part: maintaining attention long enough to get your point across.

Tinkering with the layout in PowerPoint is a laborious ordeal. Skip the headache and find the slide you need with SlideHub’s new PowerPoint slide plugin.

Ever had a slide that needs five bullet points and a diagram on the left side? We have slides that fit that structure. Or maybe you need a dynamic flow chart with twelve boxes. We have that too. And if you wish to add or remove an element, readjustment is simple.

Dive into the SlideHub catalog and discover the PowerPoint slides that are perfect for your needs. All you have to do is fit the text into our provided slides, and you’re ready to go.

There’s a slide for that

The SlideHub PowerPoint plugin contains over 1000 off-the-shelf slides for you to use. From e-commerce slides to annual report covers, from renewable energy to slides about relative market share, we have every type of industry slide you can imagine.

In the rare case, the SlideHub library doesn’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll add it right away. No subject area is too esoteric for us. Let’s say you need a PowerPoint slide on pregnancy. If you’ve already used the SlideHub search bar on top, all you have to do is send us a description of what you need. Then, we’ll contact you when the slide has been added. And voilà – your custom PowerPoint slide is now available to download.

We have slides of the newest trends

How about PowerPoint slides on disruption, digital transformation, or other new trends? We have all of those – and more – in our catalog as well.

Stay in the know of whatever’s in vogue. Don’t get left behind all of the current practices before it’s too late.

You can easily keep yourself up to date with the help of SlideHub’s PowerPoint slide plugin. Integrate the newest trends into your PowerPoint presentation from our slide shop, and you’ll look like an expert in the field in no time.

More of a numbers guy? There’s a slide for that

Just by a quick glance over the PowerPoint slide catalog, you can tell that SlideHub loves numbers. In fact, we have created an entire eBook devoted to the topic, so it’s natural that we have numerous slides with eye-pleasing charts, diagrams, and graphs in our collection.

This is no coincidence. Data visualization is imperative for anyone who wants to construct an effective slide deck. The best PowerPoint slides will turn statistics and numbers into easy-to-understand, quality visuals. Not only will your slides look more polished, but they will also help presenters get their point across in an efficient way.

If you want to learn more about creating killer data visuals yourself, we have written an ebook on the exact subject.

What happens when you paste in the element?

After finding your favorite slide and downloading it from the SlideHub catalog, you’re ready to paste its elements into your own presentation. This is where the fun starts.

Once you paste elements from a SlideHub slide into your PowerPoint presentation, you can play around and tailor them for your company’s own aesthetic preference. If your template already has a preset color scheme, the SlideHub elements will automatically adapt to fit the color palette. Don’t like the size of the elements? Just group them (select all elements, press and hold Ctrl + G), hold down, shift and drag the corners to fit your needs. Or if you’re more detail-oriented, you can select and edit each individual element for a super customizable experience.

With all of this flexibility from SlideHub’s PowerPoint slide elements, the options are endless.

Search, download, paste, impress

Navigating the SlideHub PowerPoint slide catalog is so easy that a child could do it. Simply type what you’re looking for in the search bar, e.g. “funnel diagram,” and all slides with the associated tag will pop up. Add your favorite slides to your basket, then place them into your personal library for download or share them with team members. Once in the library, these PowerPoint slides are yours to keep permanently and are now a part of your arsenal. From there, just paste the slides into your template, and your presentation is good to go.

You can also use the SlideHub PowerPoint slides as inspiration for a request: add a description and attach any necessary files, and the SlideHub specialists will handle the rest.

See for yourself how easy it is to enhance your PowerPoint slides. Download the SlideHub plugin right now and experience a whole new way of creating memorable, high caliber presentations. You won’t regret it.

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