How IG&H has increased efficiency

The company
IG&H is at home at the intersection of strategy consultancy, data and technology.

A premium partner for high-speed digital transformation, operating as a market leader in complex end-to-end digital transformation across 5 industries: Retail, Healthcare, Banking Insurance and Pensions.
the situation
The company employs more than 360 employees, hitting double-digit growth with an ambition for international expansion.
the challenge
As IG&H continues their rapid growth and more employees join the company – each with an individual preference for presentation design – the need for brand compliance and flexibility increases. This results in 3 main challenges:
  • Get new employees to quickly build slides based on the IG&H style
  • Ensure one style of icons and images are used as collateral in all slides
  • Decrease complexity as the company grows
the solution
IG&H looked to SlideHub’s PowerPoint asset platform to solve the challenges by:
  • Providing searchable brand compliant IG&H slides that can quickly be modified to allow for individual flexibility
  • Using SlideHub’s platform to make company images and icons easily available directly in PowerPoint
  • Using one solution for all PowerPoint assets types to make it simple to find what employees need
by using slidehub
IG&H is now brand compliant while the consultants still feel they have room for customization to make presentations unique for their customers
SlideHub’s PowerPoint assets platform makes it easy for all our employees to find what they need to build great presentations, quickly. With SlideHub, it’s faster and simpler even though our company is significantly larger.

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