Grow and share your organization’s best assets while keeping control of the brand

The best way to get your team on brand is to provide easy to find on-brand assets. Your team will use on-brand slides if it makes their lives easier

Give access to great slides instead of Master layouts that are never used

See what material your company uses and what they don’t.
Never worry about old off-brand slides

Easy search instead of folders within folders

Use powerful Google-like search instead of going down the rabbit hole of infinite layers of folders

Never worry about outdated off-brand slides

Automatic version control ensures your team always has the option to use the most recent version of a slide

Update slides with one click and make them available to users in seconds

Update slides directly in PowerPoint. Slides sync automatically with instant user notifications

Empower your employees to share their best slides while staying in brand control

Gate-keeper workflows make growing your asset library a team sport with full control

Full usage transparency

You own the data and don’t need to write us to see who is using what
Track if anybody is not using as intended and let SlideHub’s Customer Success team help bring them back onboard