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Making on-brand slides available directly in PowerPoint is a great way to increase brand compliance. It's also a time-saver as our consultants can leverage existing and frequently used company slides.

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Mette Nielsen / HR & Marketing Director

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Make it fast and easy to be brand-compliant

Nudge users to create brand-compliant presentations by making wanted on-brand assets available directly in PowerPoint


Manage the tools that users want and use

You can manage PowerPoint slides, templates, company images and company icons from the same interface

PowerPoint slides

Company images

Company icons

Company templates


Manage everything on your own or let us assist to save time

You can manage everything directly via a simple web-interface or you can get assitance e.g. uploading slides, brushing up design etc.


Make rebranding a success instead of a hassle

Use SlideHub to introduce your new brand templates and on-brand slide assets to make rebranding easy for end-users


Customize your SlideHub account to match your needs

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Control which tools to unlock

You decide which SlideHub tools your end-users can leverage

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Restrict service access

You decide who, if any, should be allowed to use the on-demand design service

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Create teams for seperate access

Create teams to limit access to certain slides and allow for more decentralized library management

Each account has several other settings that we would love to present on a demo

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