We take end-to-end responsibility to give you peace of mind

Our local team takes ownership, reviews and approves all projects.
This ensures consistency and professionalism across all projects

We combine technology, top global talent, and Danish quality assurance

Business support should be as simple as sending an e-mail to your colleague, and that is how it works at SlideHub. We have found and vetted the best talent to execute projects and ensure the quality from our in-house teams

We find and test the best to deliver high quality

We assess IQ, communication skills, and simulate a realistic project for each applicant. Less than 1% are accepted onto our project delivery platform. The few that do are either experts in PowerPoint or business research

Every business is unique

We incorporate your preferences, feedback, template and visual guidelines on our project delivery platform. This ensures consistency and continuous improvement, the more projects we do together

Technology ensures the perfect match for your project

Our algorithm selects the best-suited candidate for your project. We use a number of variables and math, but you do not have to worry about that


Vetted freelance designers work across time zones to meet deadlines

Local time: GMT+5:30

India map

Uma Priyadharshini

Chennai, India

Former McKinsey VGI

Specialized in PowerPoint Projects

Local time: GMT+8:00

Philippines map

Bern Bilazon

Manila, Philippines

Former Integreon

Specialized in PowerPoint Projects

Local time: GMT+5:30

India map

Subhramani Naidu

Bangalore, India

Naidu Former JP Morgan

Specialized in Market Research

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