Explore all the SlideHub platform features

SlideHub runs on modern Office JavaScript technology, ensuring seamless integration across Windows, Mac, and Office applications for a better user experience.
Asset management
Use a single interface to manage all assets, change log and permission settings
Powerful search
Search slides via key words and labels - categories, subcategories and tags
Icons and flags
Use company-approved icons or choose from the ones provided by the platform
Images, logos & illustrations
Search and insert company or stock images, logos and illustrations from the platform
Version control
Get notified if a slide you are working on changes or keep track of the slide history
Lock slides
Managers are able to fully lock certain slides from being edited
Placeholders are an effective way to customize and keep slides up-to-date
Redact sensitive content
Allows you to scan and redact presentations or remove sensitive data from your slides
Scan for similar slides
Scan for similar slides based on visuals and text to see if you have any duplicates
Merge similar slides
If you find duplicated slides you can merge them to keep a clean library
1-to-many slide structure
Instantly update multiple presentations that include the updated root slide
Suggest slides
Keep central control while encouraging employees to contribute slides to the team
Runs on PC and Mac
Doesn’t matter whether you work on PC or Mac, SlideHub runs on both
SlideHub across all Microsoft 365
Use SlideHub and access all your asset across all Microsoft 365 tools - PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook
Shared manager experience
Shared manager experience across all asset types and across the entire Office Suite
Dynamic actions
Increase efficiency with suggested actions to simplify building slides
Inspiration slides
SlideHub provides you with more than 4000+ pre-made slides that adjust to your company colors
Text snippets
Save time and share standard copy and text across PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook
Usage statistics
Track overall usage, what is your team searching for, what is being used and who is using it or lacking behind
Asset filters
Use filters to manage your assets effectively by sorting based on usage, uncategorized slides, etc.
Integrated Customer Success
We offer unlimited & free Customer Success sessions and onboarding
Template design and slide conversion
To launch with a perfect library, we offer template design and slide conversions during implementation
Design service
We provide a fast PowerPoint service with an 8 hour median turnaround time to enhance slides
Active Directory Sync and SSO
With ADS user access can be automatically updated, while SSO enables a safer and quicker log in
Backup to SharePoint
Backup all your data from SlideHub to your SharePoint
Flexible team structure
Manage your team while someone else manages the main presentations
File validation
Avoid common PowerPoint files problems and ensure high quality slides with our preventative measures
Are we missing something?
We always aim to better our platform according to our clients’ need, so don’t hesitate to reach out success@slidehub.io with new ideas or improvements