Manage slides centrally and help your team use winning presentations

Simple slide repository to streamline your presentation building with user suggestions, central control and statistic insights

Obsessed with simplicity

End-users can learn the core SlideHub features in less than 10 minutes
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Get value across all skill levels

Choose a tool that is easy to use from the start and avoid training for employees who may leave in the near future
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End-users can learn how to use SlideHub in 10 minutes
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No need to be or become an expert in PowerPoint

Update slides in multiple presentations with one click

One-to-many data structure makes updating timesaving when you have one  slide in multiple presentations
Visual demonstrating how a root slide can be included in multiple presentations, with automatic updates whenever the root slide is modified

Grow your library as a team

Let your team contribute their best slides while keeping brand control
Your slide-builders can contribute their slides so they feel included in the library expansion

Get full transparency with live statistics

Track which slides your team is searching for, using, and get notified when a slide is updated

Maintain an organized library effortlessly

Scan similar slides and merging them to avoid duplicates

Instantly update information

Update numbers or text e.g. number of employees centrally and apply it to slides in your library with placeholders

Works on PC, Mac, and the browser

Use SlideHub in Ms Teams, your browser, PowerPoint or wherever you need
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Future proof tech

Your company can SlideHub both in online and desktop (PC and Mac) across devices

Weekly updates without down time

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You do not need to do anything to be up-to-date – our cloud-based tech handles that
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No need to bother your internal IT team with updates

Cloud makes it fast

A lightweight and simple alternative to legacy presentation management tools that makes your computer slow
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No additional code installed on the end-user’s machine
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Cloud technology makes SlideHub run as fast as other modern website
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Combine with other add-ins e.g., ThinkCell, without slowing down

Ensuring your data security and compliance

SOC 2 Type 2 and Cyber Essentials certified with robust security measures to protect your sensitive information and assets

72 new features in a year

Speedy product updates driven by client feedback
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+72 feature improvements in 2023 alone

Tell us what you would like to build and we will listen and potentially build it in the next quarter


+66 feature updates


+72 feature improvements in 2023 alone

Visual highlighting some of the features launched or improved in 2023


+66 feature updates in 2022

Visual highlighting some of the features launched or improved in 2022

Unlimited support for maximum value

Get high adoption with personalized support, data-driven advice and regular suggestions for improvements
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Value from day one

Leverage off-the-shelf assets from the start while we help you populate your library

Need little extra help with the design of your slides?

Delegate implementation to SlideHub’s experienced team and ensure high adoption with Implementation PLUS+
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Expert review of current PowerPoint materials
Ensure your team has access to best-practice PowerPoint template based on our expert's review and recommendations
Decorative icon respresenting a master template
Master template set up
Create a best-practice PowerPoint Master template based on organizational input and SlideHub's PowerPoint experts
Development of PowerPoint brand guidelines
Translate the company's visual identity to practical PowerPoint guidelines to help your team create on brand slides
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Conversion of inspiration slides
Conversion of selected slide structures to on brand version so they are ready to use for end-users
Icon depicting company slides
Conversion of company slides
Identify key company slides to be brushed up to the new template and guidelines
Adoption of assets via SlideHub platform
Ensure smooth launch by preparing the library for your team with the help of our experts
Establishing design foundation
PowerPoint expert recommendations for your Master template, creation of objective PowerPoint guidelines that will serve as baseline and source of truth for future presentation design
Populate and set-up your company library based on step 1
We convert 200 slides and ensure the quality is high, so the consultants only download quality slides
Training in the tool
We host a session that shows how to use the tool e.g., start with the storyline and grab as much as you can from your library
Align Template with key-stakeholders
Ensure buy-in from opinionated consultants so everybody is on the same page
Populating the your library with inspiration slides based on new Master and color scheme
We set-up categories in your library and add on-brand inspiration slides so your team can build on-brand slides quickly that covers most consulting cases