Focused, simple and quick to implement

Countless PowerPoint tools with all the bells and whistles are available. SlideHub is the simple version that turns idle PowerPoint assets - company slides, icons, and images - into PowerPoint vital assets

What makes us different

Full focus on PowerPoint, all-in-one, and more focus on increasing value for day-to-day users

Focused on PowerPoint

Focused on PowerPoint

While some software solutions will add 50 extra buttons to PowerPoint, or integrate with the full Office Suite - SlideHub is fully focused on PowerPoint Asset management

All-in on asset management

All-in on asset management

To some tools, the "library" feature is an afterthought and just one of several other features - we believe the library is crucial as it unlocks massive value to your team and requires attention to work optimally

All-in on asset management

End-user feedback obsessed

We believe that PowerPoint solutions need to be loved by end-users. As former consultants, we are constantly chasing feedback to help us identify and push improvements to the experience for the day-to-day users

Why others love SlideHub

We tested a long list of alternatives, but went with SlideHub due to the extent of their company slide library and focus on end-user enablement

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Carmen Reyna Barbadillo / Senior Associate

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Some tools make PowerPoint slow and complicated - this solution is fast and simple

Fast: Modern cloud over legacy VSTO

SlideHub leverages a more modern technology stack that puts less pressure on the local machine and instead runs on lightning fast cloud computers

Simple UI instead of dated PowerPoint feel

Instead of taking inspiration from the rest of PowerPoint, SlideHub is inspired by some of our favorite personal apps such as Spotify and Strava
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Partnership inspired price and service model

You only pay for users who use the product instead of idle licenses. And you can leverage the on-demand service to get you up and running fast

Only pay for value

With the the active user payment model, customers only pay when their employees use the asset platform

Closely aligned on adding value

We invest heavily in onboarding and feature improvements to increase usage among employees - increase the value for both parties

Try before you buy

Contact a free trial or have us take you through a managed pilot before you make a purchase decision


You can unlock value in minutes and our team can help you implement and onboard in 1-3 weeks

Via the large number of out-of-the-box assets, the SlideHub platform provides value from day 1

The customer success team offers a 1 hour free working session to help you fully customize the asset platform

Import everything yourself or let us leverage our service offering to do it all for you

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Don’t expect your employees to navigate multiple sources - access all your assets directly in PowerPoint

Fast: Modern cloud over legacy VSTO

We provied your employees directly access to all relevant PowerPoint assets in one simple interface - no need for combining various tools and sources

Simple UI instead of dated PowerPoint feel

We leverage a more moderon technology stack which puts less pressure on the local machine and instead runs everything on lightning fast cloud computers

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