When should you choose SlideHub as your Presentation Management Software?

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In the dynamic landscape of presentation management solutions, finding the perfect fit for your organization can be challenging. At SlideHub our focus is on a simplified, yet powerful repository solution for business professionals that enables you to streamline presentation building so you can win more business faster.

Are you in the process of finding a presentation management software? Then read on to see if and when you should choose SlideHub over competitors.
When companies like yours are in the process of finding a presentation management solution it's crucial to find the best fit. Some of the questions you might take into account are:

  • What is your goal when purchasing a presentation management software?
  • What are your requirements?
  • What is your budget?
  • Who needs to be involved?
  • How do you onboard?
  • How do you measure success?
If you have the answers to these questions, read on to see whether SlideHub is the right digital asset management tool for you.

One tool to streamline your presentation building with end-user suggestions, central control and statistics insights for data-driven improvements

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Use off-the-shelf assets and grow via end-user suggestions

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Get value across all skill levels with the use of client ready slides
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Share your best slides with your colleagues
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Benefit from off-the-shelf icons, logos, images to enhance your slides
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Access more than 4500+ inspiration slides that automatically adjust to your color palette

Control what goes into the library and ensure brand compliance

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Control which slides are made available directly in PowerPoint
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Fully lock slides that should never be changed to ensure brand-compliance
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Automatic version control ensures your team always knows when a slide has been updated
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Keep the library organized by scanning for similar slides and merging them
Decorative grey detail resembling a triangular shape, adding a subtle layered effect to the visual
Decorative grey detail resembling a triangular shape, adding a subtle layered effect to the visual

Use platform statistics to adjust your strategy based on user needs

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Find and insert best-practice slides in seconds with the label-based slide library
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Get notified when a slide gets updated and never use outdated information again
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Automatically adjust your proposals to your clients in seconds with placeholders
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Full transparency about which slides are being used and by who
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A secure platform that's easy to set-up and manage for your IT-team

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Microsoft 365 certified
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Centralized deployment for the add-in via the Office App Store across the organization in 2 minutes
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Runs on modern Office JavaScript technology unlike many competitors who use legacy VSTO
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Seamless integration across Windows, Mac and Office applications for a better user experience
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Set up SSO & directory sync to save time

Unique SlideHub features

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Inspiration slides
Have access to 4500+ pre-made slides that adjust to your company colors
Off-the-shelf assets incl. icons, logos, flags
Search and insert company or stock images, logos, icons and illustrations from the platform
Add-on: Design service and Implementation PLUS+
Use the fast PowerPoint design services to help you populate your library with high-quality, on-brand slides
Track overall usage, what is being used and who is it using or lacking behind
Suggestion feature
Populating the asset library is a team sport but you can keep central control while encouraging employees to contribute slides
Scan for similar slides and merge duplicates
Scan for similar slides based on visuals and text to see if you have any duplicates and merge them to keep your library clean

Why choose SlideHub over competitors such as Templafy, UpSlide, SharePoint or QuickSlide?

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We chose SlideHub because our slide-building colleagues preferred it over competing tools. We have highly skilled and highly paid employees and needed a tool that did not micromanage the end users
Unlike many competitors, our slide management platform pricing is affordable and transparent. You do not need to book a demo just to get the pricing - unless you have many users, in which case we can provide volume discount. At SlideHub you only pay for what you use, nothing else - you only use one tool and do not need to pay extra for different platform features, they are included in the license fee. Client feedback drives our product, and both end-users and admins need a simple tool to work with, otherwise it’s not a solution, it’s a hassle. So, at SlideHub we stand by our product philosophy - simplicity. Compared to competitors we do not aim to provide our clients with tons of features just to add them to the list.
1. All features are built on client feedback

At SlideHub we don’t build features just to keep up with competitors. Instead, you can influence the product roadmap if you want to. By actively listening to client feedback and needs, we strive to develop innovative features and improve the platform to enhance their efficiency in PowerPoint, while keeping it user-friendly and simple. With the help of client input, in 2023 our developers worked hard to deploy 72 new features and improvements to further enhance the asset management platform. Discover all the platform features that helps you enhance your PowerPoint efficiency or discover the ever-growing improvements.
2. Modern, web-based user experience

SlideHub offers a modern, web-based user experience that simplifies content management and helps users stay brand compliant. Whether you're organizing presentations or documents, our platform operates seamlessly. While using the SlideHub presentation management platform you can experience effortless navigation and intuitive controls every step of the way. Many other asset management tools are built in legacy VSTO, while SlideHub runs on Office JavaScript technology, which makes the tool feel like running a website inside of PowerPoint. This enables a very intuitive and smooth user-experience. This also means that SlideHub works where you work without slowing down your machine - on Windows, Mac, online and even on you phone, whereas solutions built on VSTO technology can’t run VSTO Add-ins on Mac, so consider this if you have any Mac users or if your company has a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy.
You can also use it in Teams, SharePoint and Dropbox helping you to streamline your workflow.
3. Personalization to your needs

Every client is unique and have different needs. That's why you can personalize your SlideHub solution to meet your specific requirements. You are able to customize user permissions, disable multiple features such as inspiration slides and even icon or illustration styles you deem irrelevant for your organization, and much more. The SlideHub platform adapts to your needs, ensuring a tailored experience. If you would like to see it live and learn more about the benefits, book a meeting with one of our sales reps.
4. Effortless and centralized deployment and user management

SlideHub streamlines deployment and user management with centralized controls. Your IT team can deploy, update and manage users in less than 15 minutes. The cloud-based document management system add-ins can be deployed effortlessly in the back-end by the IT team through the Office App Store across your organization, which means almost no code needs to be installed on local devices. You can also set up SSO (WorkOS) and the active directory sync to save time with user management and enable your team to log-in to their SlideHub account without having to create a new one.
Furthermore, as one of the platform features you are able to keep track on usage statistics of asses and the activity of users. This helps you which assets are being used the most and who is active on the platform.
5. Need assistance getting your slides and presentations on-brand before uploading?

Extra add-on services:

Transform your presentations with SlideHub's design service. The SlideHub presentation management solution provides you with a platform that stands out from its competition by providing an add-on design service that helps clients by visually enhancing their slides while they can focus on the content. Our team of PowerPoint experts is dedicated to helping you bring your presentations and slides to the next level. With the use of the PowerPoint design service, you can have visually stunning presentations that captivate your audience.

If you feel like you need an extra boost to increase the adoption rate of the platform, we also provide another add-on service called Implementation. Whether it’s re-branding in PowerPoint, fine-tuning your Master template, or accelerating launch - SlideHub’s ImplementationPLUS+ can help.
On-demand design service
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On-brand slides based on guidelines
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Clean up and formatting of slides based on client guidelines
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Visual enhancement of your slides
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Converting your drawing, whiteboard pictures into professional slides
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Creation of non-standard visuals - complex timelines, simple illustrations
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8-hours medium turnaround
One time set-up fee
Sevice fee
Implementation PLUS+
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Everything in the base Implementation that is included in the license fee
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Deliver expert review of current PowerPoint materials
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Set up master template and PowerPoint guidelines​
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Brush-up company materials to the new PowerPoint master template ​
and guidelines​
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Convert inspiration slides from SlideHub to new template and guidelines​
Default package from $5000
How Amsterdam Data Collective got quick adoption of new brand with the help of ImplementationPLUS+?
SlideHub’ s PowerPoint experts helped us with a great new Master template but more importantly, they helped us get all our consultants to use the new brand without issues
Mette Nielsen
HR & Marketing Director
New PowerPoint Master template optimized for consulting
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PowerPoint guidelines that defines how slides should be built
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SlideHub account with +200 on-brand ADC slides in company library + 2,000 inspiration slides
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6. Make data-driven decisions with the transparent platform statistics

You can access live usage statistics straight in the platform, allowing you to gain insights into the utilization of all company assets in real-time. By effortlessly monitoring which slides are being used and what team members are searching for, clients can pinpoint areas of strength and identify potential development opportunities. Through this feature account managers get full transparency and are enabled to make informed decisions and optimize their asset management for enhanced efficiency.
7. Customer success you can always rely on

Your success is our success, so we help you from day 1 to get the most out of the asset management platform and achieve high adoption within your company. At SlideHub you receive ongoing, unlimited and personalized customer success support for maximum value realization. Each client has a dedicated customer success person who provides them with data-driven advice and regular suggestion for improvements based on the assessment of your library. We focus on the training of admins and end-users equally as they both are crucial parts of success. The more end-users use the platform, the more insights admins can get use for data-driven decisions. To help you get most out of the platform, our Customer Success team host ongoing refresher sessions and introductions to new features for your team. We also host individual introduction session if a new member joins your team to ensure they can confidentially navigate the cloud library and benefit from the different features of the platform. Our dedicated support team is available to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter. Whether you need technical assistance or guidance, we're here to ensure your experience with SlideHub is seamless and satisfactory - so please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Success Team.
We decided on SlideHub as the preferred solution mainly due to the Company Library and how it compares to similar features in competing solutions
8. Your data security is essential for us

Rest assured that your data security is paramount to us. SlideHub is SOC 2 Type 2 and Cyber Essentials certified  and employs robust security measures to protect your sensitive information and assets. You can trust that your data is secure and protected against unauthorized access with our cloud-based document management system. Our system is regularly penetration tested and scanned for vulnerabilities to always look out for potential risks from Snyk.io, Detectify, and AWS Inspector.
Furthermore, SlideHub’s asset management system is Microsoft validated and follows GDPR guidelines on privacy and data management.

Help your organization streamline proposals and win more business with SlideHub’s presentation management platform

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average ROI*
saved monthly for a mid-size management consultancy*
faster proposal building time*
customer renewable rate of asset management platform
Monthly FTE salary: 8800USD, Overhead: 25%, Working hours in a month: 160 hours, Slide production for an FTE: 3 slides per hour, Slide cost per slide: 19 USD, Startup fee not included

Professionals like you chose SlideHub as their presentation management solution

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Clients have been able to streamline their PowerPoint work, boost productivity and stay complaint with SlideHub’s presentation management software.
The SlideHub add-in boosts our productivity in all areas - and visual consistency in our slide decks has also increased
Oliver Noé
Head Of Proposals
SlideHub makes it easier for us to be compliant, on-brand without sacrificing the option to customize proposals for our sales team
Jennifer Buck
Senior Vice President of Marketing
First-class onboarding with great flexibility and a deep understanding for the customer​
Jens Hjorth-Larsen
These testimonials are just a glimpse into the positive experiences our clients have had with SlideHub. To learn more about what clients have to say, visit our page on Capterra and GetApp.
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