Make it easy to find on-brand assets

Effortlessly create proposals with easy-to-access on-brand assets directly from PowerPoint, Word, Excel or Outlook

Company assets easily avaliable

Make it easy for users to create on-brand slides with the latest approved content
Company slides
All your key PowerPoint files in one location with seamless search
Company Icons
All your Company Icons in one location with seamless search
Company Images
All your Company images in one location with seamless search
Text snippets
Share standard copy and text across PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook

Powerful asset management  

Use a single interface to manage all assets and instantly share any changes with your team

Bottom-up contributions

Workflows built to make growing the slide library a team sport

Grow your library bottom-up

Allow your employees to suggest their preferred slides for approval

Democratize while remaining on-brand

Make sure suggested slides align with the company's branding before allowing them to be used organization-wide
Users can suggest new directly from PowerPoint
Selected members can then review, edit and label relevant slides for future use
Top contributors are recognized for their help

Customize w. placeholders & fully lock key slides

Fully lock sensitive slides

Ensure content consistency by locking the global slides, while still allowing customization with dynamic content.

How clients use placeholders

Create tailored proposals
Creating a proposal tailored to each client, including slides with your company's details and customized information for each client, such as their name, company name, industry, and current date.
Update company data across presentations
You want efficient updates of default company values scattered throughout the presentation, such as your employee count, and how many clients you currently serve.
Auto-update contact information
No need to create new contact information templates for each project.
Use a single contact slide template in combination with placeholders to drive standardization.
Effortless customize project kick-off templates
Using the same best-practice templates, while efficiently updating the client's name, the project code/references, roadmap deadlines, etc. in many different projects.
Combine placeholders w. locked slides
Placeholders can be used in combination with locked slides to customize key content of sensitive slides

The same end-user experience in PowerPoint, Word, Excel and Outlook

Access and insert all assets directly where you work in
Are you working in PowerPoint?
Simple to use for employees across all skill levels
Are you working in Word?
Access and insert all assets directly in Word
Are you working in Excel?
Access and insert all assets directly in Excel
Are you working in Outlook?
Access and share all assets directly in Outlook - incl. PDFs of slides

Replace icons and images without additional formatting

You can easily replace icons and images without the need for additional formatting using the dynamic action menu. Select the icon or image and replace it in 2 secs.

Install in 30 sec across PowerPoint, Excel, Word and Outlook

SlideHub runs on both PC and Mac and can be used in Ms Teams, your browser or directly in all applications

Install from the store or via centralized deployment

Due to the cloud-based technology, the SlideHub add-ins do not slow down the host application.
The add-in can be installed via the Office App Store in 30 seconds or deployed across the organization in 2 minutes.
*Please check  helpdesk

Works on all devices

The add-ins are not limited by the type of devices you use but work on PC, Mac, and in the browser

Built using modern cloud technoly

Simple, transparent, and GDPR-compliant management interface

Instant synchronization

Update once – instantly synced everywhere
All content is hosted in the cloud and updates immediately for all users:
Update slides and automatically notify users so they use the most up-to-date slides
Use the same slide across multiple presentations for easy updating

Evaluate value through transparency

See who is using what and how
Track overall usage, what is being used and who is using or lacking behind

Sensitive data free library

Automatically redact sensitive information

Help keep your organization’s library free from sensitive data

Redact sensitive content directly in PowerPoint

The redaction tool allows you to scan and redact complete presentations or remove sensitive data from your PowerPoint slides.
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SlideHub helps us be more on-brand without sacrificing the creativity of our consultants
bernd pirner
senior art director

Version control

Always be on-brand with the latest slide assets

Always up-to-date

Get notified if the slide you are working on is being updated

Get email updates when slides change

Never miss out on new on-brand updated slides with email notifications

Powerful search

Lightning fast and cloud-enabled search across all assets

Unrivaled search speed

Cloud-powered search lets you search more than 10,000 slides in less than 1 second

The power of "AND"

Use "AND" or "+" to narrow your search
Use “AND” to combine keywords and narrow your search or search within categories or subcategories

Off the shelf assets

Never start from scratch – access 4000+ high quality pre-made slides, images and icons

Off the shelf assets

Get value in minutes with the off the shelf assets that can be customized based on your brand needs
Create compelling visuals with premade adjustable slides
100.000 searchable icons across 10+ consistent icon styles
High quality, license free, images from Unsplash directly into PowerPoint
High quality, license free Logos directly into PowerPoint
High quality, license free, illustrations from directly into PowerPoint