Privacy Terms

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By accepting these privacy terms, the Customer accept that SlideHub stores the following information about the Customer, which can be considered General Personal Information:
  • Name
  • Email
  • Name of company
  • Country of residence
  • Preferred time zone
  • Phone number
The Customer can at any time decide to have this information removed from SlideHub systems via their personal login to the Client Platform ( or by sending a requst to Doing so will remove the Customer from the system and disable the Customer from using SlideHub Services. For Customers with outstanding payments to SlideHub, the Customer must settle such outstanding payments before being able to have the personal information removed.
The above information is stored within SlideHub until the Customer actively decide to remove it as per the terms outlined in the SlideHub Data Progressing Agreement found here
In addition to the above, the Customer accepts that SlideHub stores feedback and Service-related preferences, e.g. visual style, corporate visual identity etc. about the Customer and the Customer’s organization. Starting in April 2018, the Customer can at any time view, edit, and delete any such information via the Client Platform.
By accepting these Terms, the Customer further accept that SlideHub stores all email corresponds with the Customer in a period of up to 12 months. Furthermore, the Customer accepts that an anonymous version of such data can be used to train potential machine learning algorithms.
As long as the Customer do not unsubscribe, the Customer further accept that SlideHub may send occational promotional material to Customer e.g. newsletters, product updates, etc.
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