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Make on-brand slides, images, documents, text, and icons easy to find

Customize your proposal in seconds with placeholders
Lock slides and get compliance
Find on-brand and up-to-date slides
directly in PowerPoint

Make it fast to build proposals in PowerPoint

Pilot before you buy

PowerPoint Asset platform

Always on-brand

Centralize and manage company slides, icons, and images in one solution

Future-proof cloud

Simple, transparent, and GDPR-compliant management interface

Powerful search

Lightning fast and cloud-enabled search across all assets

Optional Platform Add-ons

PowerPoint Design Service

Give selected employees access to the world’s fastest PowerPoint Design Service

PowerPoint assets implementation service

Add support for building and maintaining your PowerPoint assets
Hit the ground running with a full company library with on-brand, approved inspiration slides
Ensure your team has access to a best- practice PowerPoint template and guidelines that works in practice​
Increase service and software synergy via ongoing scanning and implementation of high-quality service slides
Ensure full visual consistency and full implementation of the company library
Get hundreds of on-brand company slides added to your company library