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Leverage our project managers and designers to support you in growing and maintaining your PowerPoint Asset Platform

Slide sharing requires more than software

Too often good intentions fail to deliver value because it is too difficult to add and maintain company assets

I know we have some sort of tool for sharing slides, but it is almost empty and even after 3 years so i never use it

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Typical Slide Management Use cases

SlideHub can help with the majority of manual slide management tasks


Check all slides that goes into your library

Leverage your users to build larger libraries, but at the same time ensure consistent design


Categorize and tag new slides

Once a library starts growing the importance of good categories, labels and tags increase and we can help keeping them up to date


Find alternatives to a slide you like

A funnel with 3 steps looks different than one if 5. We can help find alternatives to common slides based your existing library


Add Lorem Ipsum versions of service slides

Slides you receive from the service can be added to your company library in a non-confidential version


Add content to popular categories

Using available data additional slide designs can be added to categories often used to the end-users


Improve your library based on feedback

Your team can help pinpoint what they are missing and improve the long-term value of your library

Why others love SlideHub

It is great that we can leverage the PowerPoint service to populate our company library with ready-to-use high-quality slides. The synergy between software and service makes it special

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Management options

How much we help is up to you!

You can delegate your PowerPoint platform maintenance to us if you are pressed for time, but you can also manage everything on your own

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Do everything on your own without any extra costs

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Involve us on an ad-hoc basis and pay per the hour (using the normal service rate)

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Let us handle all user requests and have someone from your team QA

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Set a monthly budget for maintenance and let us do as much as possible wihtin that limit

Common slide management questions

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