Personal data at SlideHub

To give the best possible experience on the platform, we are storing different types of data.

Deletion options

At SlideHub, you have the option to delete or update all your information, either directly through our customer platform or through a request directly to the Europe located admin team.

This means all your information is changeable, withing the next 72 hours

Data transparency

Most of the information stored at SlideHub is fully customizable.

This is done through our interface or through requests sent to our Europe located admin team.



Deletion Option

Profile AWS server (EU) via login
Contact information AWS server (EU) via login
Company AWS server (EU) via login
Payment information Externally via, Stripe Inc. via login
Invoice information Externally via Billy Aps via login
Invitations AWS server (EU)> via login
Email tickets Externally via
Zendesk Inc.
upon request
Task input AWS server (EU) via login
Guidelines AWS server (EU) via login, upon request
Library AWS server (EU) via login

FAQ - Personal data

Common questions

Why is there a waiting time upon requesting certain information?

Sometimes when dealing with sensitive information, the admin team needs to handle it directly this is sometimes a rather long process given that most of this information is handled by external services, and can influence the future payment or alike

Why are you using external services?

SlideHub is using external services, to handle sensitive information within areas where we are not specialized e.g. payments and accounting. We have chosen to use external providers for these areas to increase the focus of our own services. Also, we believe that these external providers e.g. Stripe are btter suited to manage certain data security areas.

What happens if i stop using the service?

In short: We find all your information, either in our internal system or external systems, and delete every file, and information that can be traced back to you or your account. This means total deletion and or anonymization

Why is not all changeable directly through our platform?

Some information needs a manually checked to make sure everything goes as planned. Also, certain information (mainly company specific) must be kept on record in order for SlideHub to comply with accounting rules etc.

See help center for more

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