Product updates – February 2023

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So far this year we have worked towards providing features to make your life easier.

We now bring you an easy and quick way to redact your files, an optimized asset search experience and finally, a smart way to keep your slides updated with one click.

Take a deep dive into each of the new features to find out the value they can bring to you and your organization.

The redaction tool:

Everybody across the whole company has now access to the new redaction tool.

Because security and confidentiality are key aspects to keep in mind when managing documents, we have developed the redaction tool where you can now scan and redact complete presentations or just remove specific personal and sensitive data from your PowerPoint slides. Not sure where to find sensitive information inside your slides? That’s ok, we will do it for you!

Optimized asset search experience:

Searching for your slides has never been easier! You can now select multiple categories when searching for inspiration slides, narrowing the search according to your exact needs. You can also search for specific content within company slides and presentations. Find everything you need by searching for specific terms or categories, and viewing recent and popular search terms your team has searched for.

Automatic slide update for managers:

Managers can now update individual slides from within PowerPoint. If you find yourself working on a slide and you choose to make some design or content changes, we will automatically allow you to quickly and easily update it into your company library.  

These are only a few of the improvements we have in store for you, so keep tuned and don’t miss out on what this year has yet to bring!

We are hosting the first quarterly SlideHub Webinar of the yearon Tuesday, March 21st, 2023 @ 2:00PM CET.

Do join our CEO and founder Anders Thomsen and our team to watch us demo this newly released features and the new ones we are currently cooking in the oven:

- Dynamic content with placeholders to help automate parts of your slide creation

- Smart selection-based menu that allows you to replace selected icons/images and search assets based on content

You can register for the Webinar on the following link:

See you there!

You're invited

Find out for yourself how the latest product updates can benefit you

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Product Designer

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