SlideHub’s second quarterly Webinar of 2023 – Expanding into the Office Suite

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Are you interested in what improvements SlideHub implements so you can build better presentations faster? Read on to find out everything about our latest developments!

At our Quarterly Product Webinars, we want to keep you in the loop with our goals and aims for the future.

This time around we:

  • Introduced upgrades and new features
  • Shared SlideHub’s vision of the asset platform
  • Presented two new company case studies
  • Laid out our plans for the next Quarter

What’s new and live:

From over 20 updates we emphasised the 5 most important ones:

All team-specific asset types now have an improved navigation flow​

By improving this aspect of SlideHub Platform, we hope to enhance the experience of utilizing the Platform and advance team usage of the asset types available to them.​ What has changed?

  • We have implemented a vault base structure for easier access and navigation​
  • We have expanded team settings and asset types significantly​

SlideHub now supports SharePoint backup​

  • There is direct access to SlideHub assets from other applications and even for non-SH users​
  • All company resources are automatically backed up to a dedicated part of SharePoint​
  • We aim to help decrease pressure among IT teams and decision-makers regarding company assets​
  • We ensure provision of full transparency on backup status​

The Text Snippets feature facilitates the sharing of knowledge accurately and quickly across organizations​

This provides better accuracy in content across all company documents. Examples of usage: terms and conditions, names, positions and emails, company addresses, bank accounts, etc. With Snippets you can​:

  • Build a standardized company knowledge base regardless of asset types​
  • Easily search company copy

The SlideHub Add-in is now available in Word, Excel and Outlook to you for no extra cost​.

With it, we want to:

  • Let you get more value from your existing SlideHub assets​
  • Provide a higher return with just one onboarding process
  • Recapture the PowerPoint add-in experience in these programs
  • Give a familiar user experience so it is simple to adopt

We have improved CDN speed across all company assets​

A CDN (content delivery network) is a network of interconnected servers that speeds up webpage loading for data-heavy applications.​ SlideHub Platform only uses EU based CDNs to host assets. ​

Watch the full video below:

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