New Dynamic action buttons

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Use SlideHub’s new dynamic buttons and make building slides a breeze.

What makes dynamic actions better than other traditional PowerPoint tools

SlideHub's dynamic buttons only appear when you have a real need for them based on the elements you select, e.g., when you select an icon, the dynamic actions will be visible.

The effort required to learn how to use the dynamic actions is minimal, but the value is great.

Which dynamic actions are currently available

  • Start a new presentation from an empty PowerPoint template

It is often difficult to find the most recent Master template – not with Dynamic PowerPoint templates.

With the new Dynamic action feature – “Start new presentation” – you can simply open a blank PowerPoint file and we will automatically give you the option to select a template presentation from your SlideHub library.

This will ensure that you will be strictly using on-brand, company approved layouts without having to search for them.

  • Swap 2 elements on your slide

Let’s say that you are working on a “next steps” slide and you realize that your current step 1 should actually be step 2.  

Instead of manually changing the position of these two blocks, all you have to do is select both of them and a button will automatically appear in the SlideHub’s task pane that will allow you to instantly swap the two elements without ruining the slide’s format.

  • Replace an icon or image

As you continue working on your “next steps” slide, something still feels off. You’re not happy with one of the icons you have selected.

Now, you’re able to simply select the icon you’d like to replace and a button will appear to take you to your icon library and enable the change.

The newly selected icon will take the place and format of your previous icon in terms of sizing and positioning.

If you have any images on your slides, you can also replace them with another from your library by following the same process.

For a full overview of the dynamic actions feature, watch the video below:

For any additional questions feel to reach out to the Customer Success Team at SlideHub.

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