SlideHub’s third quarterly Webinar of 2023 – over 120 updates pushed

In the past three months we dedicated significant efforts to improving existing features, we implemented over 120 updates in addition to developing new features!

The SlideHub Quarterly Product Webinars are how we share our achievements and next steps with you

On September 26th 2023 we:

  • talked about the large number of updates we pushed and mentioned the most important ones
  • dived deep into 5 larger features we introduced
  • recapped SlideHub's Outlook Feature
  • shared our plans for the next Quarter

You can find the full recording of the session here.

Updates on SlideHub Platform

Reviewing over 120 updates and fixes is a momentous task, so we just selected the most to cover briefly

  • It is now possible to bulk update users and teams
  • The statistics feature has more details
  • Multi-language setting is available,
  • Warnings for missing fonts are given
  • Company-level overview of favorites
  • Insert Word and Excel assets directly into the work file
  • Easier Images & Icons file replacement
  • Search for flags using abbreviations
  • Download brand logos from SlideHub platform

Deep dive into the 5 largest new features

We are happy to inform you that all of the features demonstrated in the webinar are now live in the Asset Platform. Just click on the links below to go straight to the presentation of each feature:

  • Improved search experience for users in teams
    Use case: allow clients who belong to multiple teams/vaults to find what they need quickly
  • Lock slide feature
    Use case:
    ensure content consistency across the company by fully locking slides to prevent accidental modification
  • Better usage statistics
    Use case: follow the usage of specific assets by team members, not just the general overview
  • Similar slide feature
    Use case: easily maintain your company library by avoiding duplicated slides.
  • Search and access assets directly in the task pane
    Use case: find what you need even faster, without having to browse through company materials

Recap of SlideHub in Outlook

  • SlideHub in Outlook
    Easily attach and modify company materials and ensure streamlined email communications

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