SlideHub’s first quarterly Webinar of 2023 – what we covered

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Do you want to know more about SlideHub’s mission and how we work towards building a product that solves our clients’ PowerPoint chaos? Look no further.


Purpose of the Webinar:

Our goal is to get you up to date on what’s new and exciting about the future:

  • Getting our existing clients up to date on the upgrades/new features
  • Giving clients and new potential clients an insight into how we think about product  
  • Sharing our hypothesis on where we are going
  • To use for our own internal product cadence

What’s new and live:

  • Redaction tool

Storing sensitive data is a natural concern for all data storage. Manually checking your slides for that data can lead to human error and compromising situations.

The redaction tool allows users to redact data automatically and gives managers a fast way to check and control the data in their library, giving you the confidence that you won’t be breaking any form of NDAs or internal policies for data storage before adding your slides.

To make this happen, we scan the files using an integration with Google – Data Loss Preventions API.

  • Dynamic content

The problem we’re trying to solve for you evokes a scenario where you have a certain set of presentations that have and will be used multiple times for multiple situations/clients/projects (business proposals, NDAs, reports, etc.).

Some particular slides can be reused but, they need to be customized to adapt to the given situation (customizing the client’s name, the date, etc.).  

This feature will help you make sure that you don’t skip any steps and end up finding yourself in embarrassing situations, such as using the wrong client’s name.

Furthermore, managers will have full control over what content needs to be tailored by everyone who chooses to use the presentations in their library.


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  • Dynamic actions

We know that PowerPoint is a powerful tool, but for the less experienced user it’s easy to get lost with all the different available buttons and ribbons.

We want to bring vale to our end-users by giving them features only when they are actually relevant.

You’ll be able to:

  • Swap two slide elements (text boxes, icons, images);
  • Replace a selected icon or image with another from your library;
  • Open a new presentation template taken directly from your library.  


  • NPS survey

SlideHub is always keen on ensuring our clients’ success and getting feedback first-hand, so building an NPS survey tool was the natural step to facilitate this.

We plan to take this knowledge to identify improvements and get you a better product overtime.

Unfortunately, we’re not able to get all clients on ongoing feedback calls, but now we are able to trigger outreach to people that might benefit from further onboarding or a more extensive product guidance.

You’re welcome to share your feedback, comments and suggestions directly to as well.


Our approach to product:

Our ultimate goal is to solve PowerPoint chaos faced by business professionals on a daily basis considering the differences in needs.


  • Managers want everything to be on brand and to make sure that the latest versions of the slides are being used
  • They want to make sure people get access to the latest knowledge and that it also grows overtime
  • But mostly, they want to make end-users happy and productive


  • Most End-users want to drive impact and work towards getting promoted
  • They want to get their documents ready before end of business hours
  • And most importantly, be able to eat dinner with their family

By getting our end-users excited we’re allowing managers to drive impact. We build our product for both – we cannot have one without the other.


  • Managers want to make sure the right and the new versions of the slides are available and being adopted across the board
  • All with ensuring brand consistency by enforcing standardization of internal best practises


  • Most end-users want to avoid building things from scratch and want to be able to build cool things quicker
  • They want a simple and risk-free way to help build out the wider asset base whilst still keeping everything compliant with company guidelines
  • And, of course, they need a solution that works for them (PC, Mac, Web)


Our big bets for Q2:

  • Word extension

Based on the significant number of requests we have received overtime, we are excited to announce our plans to extend the SlideHub Add-in Library to include the Word format.

While PPT is still the main tool, we want to leverage our assets in Word as well.

Users won’t have to learn a new experience since we’ll be reusing the one from the PPT add-in and all its asset

Moreover, a new asset will be introduced to store Word files – “document”


  • Text snippets (Word & PPT)

This feature will be available for both PPT and Word and will reuse the experience from the other assets.

You’ll have the ability to drive standardization of various text content (Disclaimers, company data such as employee names, office addresses, phone numbers, etc.)


  • Smart table of contents (PPT)

This is another long-time awaited feature that will help engage end-users by solving their pains when creating and updating table of contents slides.

You’ll have full design flexibility by choosing layouts from your library or from SlideHub’s inspiration slides and will be able to make any changes in your presentation without having to worry about manually updating your table of contents page numbers – we will do it for you.

Other medium sized investments for next quarter

  • Team support for other assets

All teams will now have access to their own assets that will only be shared with your team.


  • Team settings support extended

All users will be able to view team content and add slides.


  • New navigation

To make your daily experience working in the SlideHub platform smooth and intuitive and after hearing our clients’ pains and suggestions, we have decided to restructure our navigation accordingly.


  • Improvement to inspiration slide color adjustment

We will be making some enhancements to the way users benefit from inserting inspiration slides.

We will enable an automatic font size and type adjustment based on company’s guidelines and also improve the scaling experience to other slide sizes.

And finally, we will work towards improving the title placeholder.

Do you want to feel like you were part of the discussion, too? Watch the full webinar below.

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Sara Mares

Product Designer

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