Product Update - March 2024

This March at SlideHub we installed several improvements to our library management, further updated SlideHub's navigation, and streamlined the redaction tool's user experience.

View the full video below:

For a quick summary, browse through the following points:

  • Multiple library management updates were pushed -
    • All assets and their associated labels can be transferred across libraries with just one click
    • The company library can be hidden to push the use of team libraries only
    • We have improved the delete slide experience
    • Tags can be merged
  • SlideHub’s left-side navigation has been improved - We rearranged the overview to create more space for the category list, making navigation smoother. Additionally, we have more clearly separated the end-user and manager views for a better user experience.

Have you considered joining our Quarterly Product Webinar on Tuesday, April 2nd, 2024, at 3:00 PM CET? Just register on this link to save your spot. See you soon!

Emőke Bada

Principal Designer Success Manager

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